Legendary Item Re-roll

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  • Heya guys , i dont know if anyone has suggested that in the past

    Everyone gets excited when they drop something legendary . However the most of the times when they pick it up they get disappointed cuz the item might have bad stats. I suggest that there should be made an NPC(Like Baek-Go) that re-rolls the Legendary bonus of an item. But it should not be easy .For example , we could collect 4 Poison Swords+4 (and im saying 4 cause its not that easy to collect 4 legendary items of the same kind.) and 'trade' them for an other Legendary , Poison Sword+4 with random stats just like the image bellow. That should work only with Legendary items because Mystics and Titanics are easier to collect. The Poison Swords are mentioned just as an example. It would be the same for any other Legendary Item as long as there are 4 of the same kind

    Thats all mates

  • I like the reroll idea for legendary items.

    First of all i think it needs a 6/7 boni changer, because Metin2 depends on luck,

    you have to switch the item multiple times or have a lucky hand.

    The next point is the rarity is important, no 6/7 boni adder and the legendary items have to be very rare.

    How to get a switcher? - Destroy legendary items with the same level.

    6/7 boni switcher lvl 1-40

    6/7 boni switcher lvl 40-70

    6/7 boni switcher lvl 70+

    This way the legendary items would be worth more, at the moment you find one for a mage and its worth nearly zero.

    The Players dont get perfect boni for free, but they have the chance to get them.

    I think its not the best way to switch a poison+9 with 3 other poisons+9, thats too much.

  • There is already an item that is used to change the rarity bonus, so this system is unecessary.

    We believe the rarity is pretty balanced because of the fact that is, as the word says, rare. Due to the small amount of bonus and grade of bonus, having an accessible way to swap them will make it unbalance, as in a short period of time everybody will have the best outcomes. This is why we never inserted it on the item mall, but just as special rewards.