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  • 100pcentTSK

    gm where is my reward for hunter ranking?

  • 100pcentTSK


  • L0lu

    Ye, I saw some1 was doing that 2 weeks ago. Mfer knows how to take care of the competitors. Reminds me of the old days when boss summs were used to clear the shops out of the safe zone :D

  • 100pcentTSK

    btw guys be careful with F11 there is a guy named MrDibla he puts everything for 0 gold and 7 won and his items are shown on the top of the list.

  • 100pcentTSK

    reset hunter ranking?

  • BellaHana

    That is here to stay sadly

  • bodmar

    Please fix random client crash and dc!

  • Pingu

    :)) <3

  • PaliPali

    You're a few million years ahead of us...

  • EmyEmy

    Happy new year 20200000!

  • Degmond

    Poly w hermit is not the same as SB w hermit, has lower chance .

  • L0lu

    Wut, is raising poly from m9 to m10 bugged or smthing? I literally failed 3 times doing this shit, so I don't know if using hermit again is a good thing :D

  • EmyEmy


  • SiiiXxHD

    Oh Shit..i am old..year 2200 😂😜

  • EmyEmy

    HAPPY NEW YEAR 2200 EVERYONE YEAHHH 8) :love: :love: :love: :love: :love: LOVE U ALL

  • jureczek


  • jureczek

    2020 FOR METIN2 SG

  • Pingu

    Happy new year metin2 SG <3

  • PaliPali

    :rocketlauncher: :rocketlauncher: happy new year :sniper: :sniper:

  • BellaHana

    Happy new year!

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  • The server is in decline , in intensive teraphy right now , on the edge of death :dead: . So , you get my point . :crazy:

    Please rate how dead our server from 1 to 10 and also i have a question for you players <3 . What can be done if your rate is lower than 4 .

    Maybe who owns this game need ideeas from the players , so don't close and thelete this thread in the hope that noone will see the problem . Thank you .:thumbsup:

    I start first .

    It get a 3 from me .

    The publicity exists but i think the target audience who see it don't present interest in it . So maybe they should start also put this server on different sites who promote private servers , i have't seen SG ever on any of these sites .


  • Based on my English knowledge, if you want to rate the server because it's in decline, what does 1 mean and what 10? Because 1 would be server is doing very good and 10 would be very dead xD

    I'd like to know what are the reasons behind your post in here first. Then, explain the rating thing. Third, if I like what you write, maybe I'll give you something in return :P

  • You are right about the rating and also , i see a lack of new players , a lack of presence on forum , and i feel like something is not going in the right place , the server is dyeing .

    I love the staff and the players that are verry helpfull , i like this server , i am not an active player but i made my first account 3 or 4 years ago , and also i want the best for the server . So the reason why i am screaming here is becouse i want the comunity to come with ideeas for our server to grow lager and nicer , like a heart warming place xD :chinese: , if they feel the same . :beer:

  • Well this server doesn't have any advertisement as far as I know, and even players who are making videos, are not playing now.

    Cheapest advertisement is when players are making videos for youtube, that should be rewarded, that brings people to server.

    Last video from team was like 4 years ago, they should do something about that, or they are just ok with population right know, guees it pays off since they don't do anything about advertising the server.

    Correct me if I am wrong.


  • First of all, the server is doing good. Of course it won't have too many new players, but there are different reasons for why is this the case. As for the Forum presence, my estimation is that only 10-18% have an account and are actively using it.

    I wouldn't ask the community for ideas how to increase the population when it's the community the main reason for the low population in the first place :P If there is something to be done, it's the Staff that has to come up with new rules and enforce them by technical means.

  • I can say the server is pretty alive. In comparison with 6 months ago,I can see some new faces,new GMs,new updates. I can see some new goals for players. PvP is staying the same,but PvM is evolving. New dungeons,new items. If you want the server to grow - do a promotion.

    I can say that the server is financially doing well,the money mostly goes paying the staff and developing the server.A proof of that are the new updates and the new GMs. The new updates will drag better popularity. Also,if you want a bigger server and population - be friendly. Kind community hooks players - new and older ones.