Exclusive Plagued Dungeon [Implemented 10/10/2015]

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  • The Plagued Dungeon is on the northest corner of the Ghost Forest Map.

    Only players from level 70 - 90 can enter on this Dungeon and you need at least one Assassin and one Dragon Mage. You can't use any mounts or horse inside the Dungeon.

    Special Features:

    Life System

    • If you die more than 3 times the system will kick you out of the run. If the leader is kicked out, the run won't end but it will be impossible to finish it unless you are on the final task.

    Damage Modifier

    • Every weapon of level 30 will deal only 1/3 of the damage. Every level 75 weapon will deal only 1/4 of the damage. The level 70 weapons will deal 200% damage.
    • Every armour above level 80 will suffer 400% damage more while every armour of level 48 and 54 will reduce the damage by half.


    • If you are kicked out of the dungeon you have 5 minutes to re-enter. You can't enter if you leave the map, if the time is up or if the whole party got kicked.


    • After every run you need 3 hours cooldown before attempting another run.


    You have 45 minutes to complete the run. The time starts after the leader activate the first seal by speaking to the Giant Plagued Tree in the middle of the map. Only the leader can unlock the seals.

    • Kill all monsters I: Clean the room from all the monsters, moderate spawns, weakest enemies.
    • Kill all monsters II: Clean the room from all monsters, crowded spawns, hardest enemies.
    • Destroy the Plagued Metin: Only players buffed with Enchant Damage can hurt the metin
    • Find the real Plagued Egg: Only Assassins can damage the eggs. A total of 60 eggs, the fake ones disappear when they are killed.
    • Kill the Plagued Carrier: Mini-Boss, highly guarded by his minions. Thief Gloves raises the number of his drops.
    • Kill the Giant Plagued Carrier: Boss of the Dungeon, highly guarded, unable to attack but invincible as long as he has Plagued Eggs near him. It is able to spawn a total of 4 eggs, 1 every 90 seconds. Only Assassins buffed with Enchant Damage can harm the eggs. Thief Gloves raises the number of his drops.

    The Monsters don't have any weakness.

    Thank you,
    Metin2 SG Team.