[FEATURE] Auto-Hunting

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  • Hey,

    I would like to suggest the Auto-Hunting feature.


    You can automatically attack monsters in your area.

    Skills: Select skills for combat and drag them into the slots. (Premium)

    You can change the activation interval (in seconds) below each skill.

    Potions: Select potions for combat and drag them into the slots. (Premium)

    Hint: HP and SP potions will be activated as soon as the level falls below the % value shown below each potion.

    Hint: The duration of other potions is given in seconds.



    Why should you implement it?

    The server earns money for Premium Features

    New players will easy reach a higher level with Time-saving for other things

  • Please allow me to explain why not to implement autohunt:

    - It devalorizes all items previous to the autohunt. It also means more items = more offer = less value.

    - It devalorizes the time people invested to have those items and will have people really angry.

    - I was made because Game***** couldn't keep up with the hackers, so they made their own hack, while getting money.

    Edit: - Farming AFK doesn't encourage to keep playing the game, as it is a big part of the game, people only motive to open the game would be: open farmer, autohunt, open main to read books and bio, chat if you have a guild, and if you are a solo player then you will leave (because you aren't even enjoying the only part of the game farmers are playing), open shop to sell, and that everyday until you forget and then leave because you don't have any motivation to keep playing, the only thing that encourages you would be to keep finding more and more loot when you get back to the farmer.

    In this estabilized market, which doesn't have a lot of movement, if you lower the prices and there are not much buyers, you will kill the game. This mechanic should be only implemented on the start of a server, and that was checked on International Steam server I think, as always, it was a boom in the start and then I didn't heard about it anymore, as all servers opened and closed in previous years, it isn't a very good idea.