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  • Hello, im playing gameforge version since 2012 and i heard lots of great things about this server on past days, do you know some main differences? The only i can spot now is theres no lycan. Im just installing, thanks for anwsers

  • It's quite some time since i played on gf servers, and i never got very far. But as far as i know some of the differences are: Green Changers drop from level 25 to 60 metins. We got a rarity system, i would advice to look at the guide (third page in guides). And dss drops from monsters

  • Pros:

    Low Lv is very easy, you drop Green Changer/ Adder from Metins and you can use it on all eq (not only on weapon/(armour)

    Stones upgradeable to +6

    Friendly Players

    Low lv Quest give very good rewards

    Tradeable Itemshop

    I think Higher Exp-rate as on Gf servers and every Week Exp Event

    Every Day Events(Metin Spawn, Boss Spawn,Tanaka and much more)

    You can make all Bio Quest in the same time

    And the cooldown from bio items is lowered

    Metin stones also in Hwang Tempel

    Maybe not a pro but still ingame: Dungeon IP-Block, you can only use one Character per IP inside a Run, Like Hell Run(Razador),Ice Run(Nemere),Devils Catacomb,....

    But You still can go with more chars inside the Demon Tower :)

    What we not have, but i hope it comes in future