Levelling dt 10th floor

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  • Hello guys,

    It's DonKungFu lv 86 mental warrior, yesterday i tried to level at 10th floor but cant do it, too much damage received..

    I have like 15 magic res, 90 vs undead and 1300 +- defense.

    How can i do it?

    Thanks you

  • okey bro i will give you now a sick guide okey?

    First step get a sick buff with p skill 55%+ buffs are okey

    Second step you need really good magic res min.50% for lvling ther

    Third step 60% block schould be fine

    Fourth step 90 undead are enough as fck

    Fifth step you need like 1300+ Deff

    Sixth step armor with avg res shield and quilins with avg res

    Last step marry your sick buff and use Harmony Bracelet on her you dont need to be in group with her just married

    Seventh step Dragon God Deff!

    Now some pro tipps

    LVL 86 is a hard lvl for tanking ther i used to lvl ther with lvl 83 i did made an extra pvm Aqua 8 restore hp and ss+6 because aqua has more deff then a bsa when you need extra pro tipps pm

    Lacex54 i will say you all my tipps

    And Pros lvl in 11 floor Seal room more mobs ther

    Dont be Soda be a legend

  • you can contact me in game in 6 hours bro iam at work

    Bro if you at work, take the keyboard from work and bring home to play metin. Or this is not real lacex54! :O

  • DonKungFu Don't listen Lacex54, he is rookie in this game.

    All you need to tank in dt is full magic res, good poison sword, max undead u can put ( around 100 is enough ) and absorbed to hp / restore hp. Ofcourse you need P buffer but any normal buffer with 50% is more than enough.

    You don't need chance to block, it's completely useless because most dmg you get from long range mobs which are magic so block doesn't work. Close combat mobs you kill fast + your hp gets full if you have enough dmg + absorbed to hp. Also you can tank even with 1k def if you have enough dmg and absorbed / restore.

    So don't listen all that nonsense what he just said, all you need is full magic res ( i recommend you make green liquids and use even those 8% are good ), high dmg ( make full undead and use decent poison ) and absorbed to hp + restore hp as much as you can. Also if u can put some faint chance it's perfect ( 10-15% is enough ), just focus on killing "archers" first and if u faint also you will tank with full hp the entire floor.

    So you said you are mental with 1.3k def, that's more than enough. All you need is :

    -any helm with 15 magic 20 undead

    -any bracelet with 15 magic 20 undead 10 absorbed to hp ( go for ebony brace, you can buy cheap or roll yourself )

    -any necklace with hp 10 crit ( if possible faint chance too, if not np ) - go for soul crystal necklace if you can, if not you can make any necklace low lvl with mystic +10 dark res ( works in dt )

    -any shoes hp 10 crit- if you have faint too it's perfect. And again, you don't need average res or block !!!!!!!!!!

    -any lvl 61 shield +9 with 20 undead - you don't even need faint res there

    -pvm earrings ( ebony with 8 average dmg or Soul crystal earrings +6 or more ) with 20 undead

    - any decent armor with hp and 10% absorbed to hp - go for aqua +6 +7, stones are not important ( it's cheapest and also the best solution for what you need )

    -good poison sword ( 40+ dmg or 32+ with 20 undead )

    Hint : you can also make or buy white liquids - they are very cheap to make ( 100 def ones are more than enough for you so you will have 1.4k def - with that you will tank all floor with full hp )

    Edit : Do not use horse, just use combo hits and always focus to kill "archers", close combat mobs will come to you anyway. Also use green pots to max ur attack speed.

    Try to follow my instructions and choose the cheapest solution like i told you,it's the most efficient. It's pointless to spend much gold when you can achieve your purpose maybe with 10 times less gold.

    If you follow my guide and still not tank 11th floor with full hp, i promise i lvl you up myself.

    Good luck !

  • How many time it takes 1 lv fom 94 to 95?

  • Ofc iam rookie bro i said him all instructions for caping whole floor

    Ther is a difference tanking 5-7 groups while being on ground or tanking whole room while you can use your mount for breaking the dmg that incomes from the archers but yeah if iam a rookie go check your lvl first lvl 102 since i started playing this game i mean common iam already over your lvl and pvm gear and if you are really that good show me today at night how you cape all the floor and i will be happy okey? We can make a bet if u die once u give me 1 won if i die once i will give u fcking 5 won if you have balls show it me

  • Lacex54 You miss my point, man, you tell to a lvl 86 guy who just wants to lvl up and is relatevely new to the game to get 60% block, quilin 8 average, aqua 8 average and 55% buffs... all this when he could do it with items 10 times cheaper.

    But the point is that you tell him to get stats which are useless in 11th floor- block and average res are useless.

    You think he cares to get best possible pvm eq or he just wants to lvl up ?

    And yes, you are still rookie because like you said you play for few months only.

    DonKungFu If you wanna make pvm armor to use after you lvl up also, i recommend you make it aqua with 8 restore hp.

    Else, you can use any aqua with hp + absorbed to hp.

  • bro maybe you should try getting little bit better buffs like 50% and if you are married with your buff use LoveBracelett 20% more exp

    And HarmonyBracelet decreases mobs atack power

    But your stats look good i guess you are ready to become a legend

    Dont be soda be a legend