How is the server doing?

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  • Im back after almost 2 years and need to scratch my metin2 itch ^_^ iv been playing for 2 days so far and i see alot of shops but i still struggle to sell alot of things.. it feels like there are just a few selective things that sell now a days. Is the server dying or whats going on? I really want to commit to playing again but im afraid it might not last too long but ofc im probably wrong.

  • Welcome back. Players come and go as always. The things that are easy to sell are: horse medal, most popular books and also some pvp skill books ( for example i'm buying atm 8 different books for bm and archer so.. ;)), upp stuff are nice to sell, clams, green changers are the main source of money for most of the time, and some fishes (shiri,pikes,smelt,eel,perch??, stripped bass) u catch them and u have nice money ( grilled shiri is easy 60kk). And you have to be patient with selling. One thing to remember is people play here from different time zones so offline shopbox is really good thing to buy (might be expensive in the beginning). I wish you good luck coming back ^^