Aura of Sword - bug?

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  • Hey guys.

    So i've got 35Lv Warrior with AOS on G5 and i wondered why it gives me so low attack power, so i decided to check it on wiki

    And it say's that it should give ~395 Attack Power but :

    * The following values were recorded under these conditions:

    - Character Level 105.

    - No Biologist Quests done.

    - 4 CON, 3 INT, 6 STR and 3 DEX.

    - No equipments.

    So i've got around 98 STR and it gives me only 284 which is a lot less than wiki says, do lvl really matter? Beacuse i dont think so.

    I asked few friends with aos on P and on levels like 55-61 with 100-110 STR Aura gives them 500+ which is very close to what wiki says and i dont understand the difference.

    Here's a screenshot of how much AOS gives me and what wiki says :

    In addition, I did not notice any changes with my hits on metins they are almost all the time the same no matter if AOS was m8-m10 or g5

  • First: From g5 to p there is a lot, you should remember that the change from g10 to p is bigger than others.

    Second: Aura get attack power because of more level, small, but it gets, as long as enchanted blade.