Difference Restore HP-Damaged absorbed by HP

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    @[GA]Shadow Can you tell us the purpose of the poly update ? Btw closing thread after thread to forbid players from talking about updates is a great step forward :thumbsup:

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    high lvls do not farm mats, they buy from market when they want something, materials farm is for low lvls

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    + the damage reduction from the new formula is insane. I used to do runs all day. Now I can't do anything.

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    You want people to farm mats, but let's face ut. Most poly are useless cz of their bad animations. Only few are okay and they are hella expensive

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    i liked the update but think some polies are way too expensive for what they offer(especially hate spike) and the damage was lowered more than what it should have been

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  • hello everyone,what`s the difference betwen Restore Hp and damage absorbed by HP ?

    which it`s better ?

    Both are good.

    Damage absorbed:

    if u have 10% absorbed in armour you have 10% chance to gain 10% of hit damage will be add to hp

    so if u hit mobs with 1000 DMG you have 10% chance to get 100HP

    Hp restore:

    imagine situation. u have 20k HP and 5% restore hp from ebony bracelet

    With this stuff you have 5% chance (when monster die) to restore 1k HP.

    That's all you have to know :D always try in eq to have 20% aborbed dmg (10% armour and 10% from bracelet)

    i have on my body chracter 18k HP and 25% restore hp. When u have a lot dmg to kill fast enought monsters this work really great.

  • i dont think dmg absorbed is by chance, i always knew it was 100% but the higher % u have the more u heal..

  • Here is some clarification since so many people are still getting it wrong:

    HP restore applies after you kill a monster/player, the chance to receive the hp is 10%
    HP absorb applies when you hit a monster/player, the chance to receive the hp is 10%

    the HP that you receive is set by the amount of restore/Absorb you have in your Gear (E.G: 30 Restore = 10% chance after every kill to restore 30% of your max. HP)

    As Shadow said, enchanted blade works differently - the chance to "lifedrain" is 100% with every hit

    Here is why overstacking HP restore is dumb:

    - In most occasions Restore only kicks in, when you're surrounded by a larger amount of mobs
    - after killing e.g. 1/3 of your lure, you basically restore into full health, making your rarity rather useless
    - AVG Res on an armor reduces the incoming damage, which in return makes you require less restore

    From my own experience, it's enough to get 8 restore on your bracelet and a SCN+6/7/8/9 in order to tank decently in any map