Sale prices reaching inhuman proportions

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  • Can there be anything done about the sale prices of items in private shops?

    It's almost impossible as a fresh new player to buy some good equipment / items to make equipment and catch up with the -already long term players.

    I know that the players choose for their own how much they charge for an item but it's so hard to to get the amount of gold together that's needed to buy not even the BEST of the BEST.

    I've been farming a lot and still only managed to get a low nine figure amount together (which here doesn't buy you much, even close to nothing).

    I guess for a lot of new players it's kind of a sad thing that we're not able to complete with higher levels within a reasonable time, instead of spending hours (which eventually becomes days > weeks > months > years) saving gold to buy something good.

    I'm not whining about this being a bad server, just the gold system is a bit out of balance (I mean rare, epic, mystic lower level items +0 selling for over 50kk???).

    Try to figure out a solution for this please.

    Best regards :)

    PS: love this server so much! <3

    Welcome to my fooooking awesome page hell yeah :borg:

  • You may consider my reply rude, but why does a beginner need rarity items? You must have a balanced PvM set with HP, immune, block, chance to faint and good damage, you must focus on your skills because the latter are the most important. I began to change my equipment for rarity one at lv105 and i am far from done.

    If you want good equipment you must farm all your upgrade materials and refine the items you consider the most important for your progress in game. Don't rely on buying from the market because nowadays as you stated prices are stabbing the clouds :D

    Now, there are dungeons and events that inject in the market huge amount of gold. With increased chance to successfully refine items and attach stones now it is easier to get very good equipment. The side effect is the huge amount of gold which is left unused and is reflected in the prices. I expect to see a change about two months after the coming alchemy update, reducing the amount of gold. However I don't know what the drop rate will be, how many players will farm and upgrade the alchemy, what other changes have been made. It's difficult to estimate.

    You, as new player, must adapt here. I wrote a guide for beginners and I am telling you to design your own strategy to farm and make money. Look for the prices of the items in as many shops as you can, farm your own materials and sell at your own prices. This is what I am doing and every day I have to fill the shop because everything or almost everything gets sold. You don't have any idea how many players told me I have the prices too low and I earn so little.

    Good luck and be the best!

    Kind Regards,


  • When u start all you need is some hp items and weapon, which you can get just farming esoterics or bestials before you make armed horse. And then you can look for items hp+crit chance. I started here in June 2017, after 4-5 years break with metin. And I tell you this, it has never been so easy to make gold on this server as it is now. Now on 35lv, farming green changers you can easily make gold for eq to get 75. Crappiest rib+9 or fms+9 you can buy for 6-8kk and that already gives you good dmg.

    Metin is based on grinding. You just can't reach certain lvl without spending hours working for it. Unless you are able to spend real money to speed this process up. Use Vyenna guides and you will make nice money for items you want.

    Cheers and good luck

  • I have to agree with Vyenna. At lower levels new players do not need rarity. You are given 3 pieces of hp gear that could honestly last you for a good bit. The only thing youll really need is a slightly upgraded armor (Which you can buy a 26 armor from vendor) and upgrade it a few times pretty cheap... and a fms or rib. I know plenty of new players that found even 25avg fms+9 for 10kk and do just fine with it. best of luck!

  • The rarity subject is just to give an example of the high prices.

    But anyway thanks for the helpfull info, I'll check the guide for sure and try to do my best with what you guys said ;)

    Welcome to my fooooking awesome page hell yeah :borg: