Nerf that remove.....

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  • Hello ppl, as we all know since stun lock is removed the magic class now stand a chance to duel body warriors even with magic liquids, but the main problem now is wepon sura for any class, if u ever dueled wepon sura you probbably know what i am talking about, since ppl use many grilled perchs in duels to remove poison first of all assasin cant make dmg an example : now u can have 60dagger + 60sin res its already 120 + 10costume +8dss +8pet + belt 5% + vitality stone skill res pendants 5demi neck 5demi earings 5skill boots armor shild, dont even need full skill if u got full avg or block still no dmg........ and u use 1 fish poison gone = no dmg , same thing for the wepon sura u make full ressist for sura 2 and then duel take the ages no dmg skill hits so and so if pierce crit somtimes again the sin can use fish 2 or any class is not abt sin is abt sura : so as i said before if u both dont do dmg and poison lets say doesnt work the REMOVE MAGIC still does 2k dmg + if it crits its 4k :) so 2crit is like 8k hp = 1/3 of ur hp so if the duel take the ages u will die from wep sura from that remove only if u are not a healer and make the wep sura run out of mana but still even if wep sura run out of mana and u do 500dmg skills duel will never end . So i would like if its possible to make nerf of the remove lets say hmmmm not just remove without dmg but at last 1k-1,5k dmg max since u get removed, ur speed pot and green 2 all the time... Maybe i am wrong but i would like to hear the other ppl also . NO flame peace <3 :assaultrifle: :assaultrifle:

  • It is better if next time you use some of this: [ENTER] and this , and this .

    You wrote quite a lot of things that are not relevant. The question or the point you should have asked is, why remove magic makes more damage compared to other skills?

    The answer is simple, the skills are divided in 3 categories, Melee, Magic and Buff. Remove magic is a buff type (the only buff skill that deal damage instead of just adding an effect) and the game doesn't have anything against buff damage (cause otherwise having some kind of resistance to that, would also lower the other buffs).

  • Well oke, maybe i should use [ENTER] next time but good thing is that u understood what i wanted to say.
    But as u said a ''buff'' if ghoust attack makes 500dmg , fatal strike 400 + 2more other skills of assasin or any other class all together cant make the dmg of 1 remove isnt it a bit unfair?

  • You haven't really read what I wrote :D

    Take a weapon sura and use all the skills on a character without items. If remove magic does more damage than the other skills, then yes it need to be nerfed. If the damage is like rupture 30k, twister 17k and remove 5k, then no it doesn't need any nerf and by nerf we mean lower damage or raise the cooldown.

    The problem occurs when you use your resistance, since is not a magic attack, but a buff attack, magic resistance doesn't work. It was done in this way. The real problem in my opinion is doing 500 damage with the other skills.

  • Well oke, maybe i should use [ENTER] next time but good thing is that u understood what i wanted to say.
    But as u said a ''buff'' if ghoust attack makes 500dmg , fatal strike 400 + 2more other skills of assasin or any other class all together cant make the dmg of 1 remove isnt it a bit unfair?

    Agreed Remove magic is Annoying and thank god most weapon suras had it 6 th skill :P
    there were days i saw people asking what is best pvp class in game and most replied was every class has Equal chances
    * My Opinion Only - Now Blade Sura's have a better chance . i love to hear if i am Wrong .

  • Well yeah the main problem is that 500dmg from the other skills you are right , but you can also test by urself make an warrior or choose any class get the:
    10%costume,8%pet,8%dss,5%belt + 60sword , les 20% 15armor 15neck and 10%from bio so total is like 151 + vitality stone it comes up to 151+ ressist
    Some skill ressist and demi and try to do more then 500-1k dmg with any skill and use remove , cuz no 1 gonna fight without items .
    When u test it and when u see the remove do more dmg then any other skill and u know it as well but if u think it is still fair i wont write anything anymore. Tnx for the replay anyway.

  • You don't get it. Is a Buff. There is no resistance to Buff. It is lowered only by the Sura Resistance, not by magic, not by skill. If this buff was a magic attack, you would have 60% more resistance to it, and hence 60% damage less. That 151 resistance you calculated works for a melee or magic skill, for buff just 60% works, because is a buff.

    The problem is that this server had always the class resistance on all items and after a certain amount, the damage goes nuts and so you think that we should nerf remove when is actually the lowest skill on the game in terms of damage. What we should nerf are the bonus, because at high level doing 500 damage with semi perfect items is just wrong.

    Bottomline, no nerf because the damage is ok, I can't add a buff resistance to the skill resistance, or well I could, but don't complain if your mage buffs you with 20% critical at P instead of 50+ :)

    And I believe we can't change the skill type from buff to magic without having some kind of errors, but I am not sure yet. Since we are doing other kind of updates now it is not a proprity for the moment.

  • Remove has probably the weakest dmg in the arsenal of a weapon sura. Most of the time who brings weapon sura in combat wins the fight.

    The game allows players to build both weapon resistance and class resistance within items and alchemy. Also players use the skill res and skill dmg bracelets, dragon god attack, def and life, vitality crystal and I don't know what else. They do that because the opponents will also use the same items and is illogical to go in a fight unprepared.

    I use to talk with many players and the invariable answer was that PvP is good as it is now, with all the res and boosters. Now, I also make 500-600 dmg with skills but this is pretty much my fault, because I don't use any vs except demi and pvp stones and in no way I am going to use res to stay alive much longer. Most likely if I prepare better items I am going to deal something around 2k dmg, but not more.

    Now, @MasterEz do you really want to enter in a duel and win it?

  • Well oke, i didnt mean to netf the all of the buffs just to ''rework'' the remove only to make it less dmg from 2,3 to lets say 1,3-4 so with crit its like 2,6 to max 3k if it can be done ofc , but i wont bother u with this anymore keep doing the rest of updates.
    And about the items on high lvl dmg u are right bonus of the items should be nerfed but is late for it now cuz ppl used alot of time to make perfect items. But maybe in future u ll find the way to make it all good.
    Thanks again , best regards.

  • Vyenna nobody here talk abt the raid and ur 500-600 dmg in raid, it is as u said cuz u use just stone and demi ofc u wont do more then 500-600 with only demi and stone on full res ppl with green liquids when u make more vs u ll do the dmg.
    I am talking abt 1vs1 and abt the remove it is the lowest skill that does the dmg in raids or in normally as shadow said when u test on clean char.
    But shadow already said it right its all about the bonus on items so he is right and i agree with him but at this moment remove does most dmg in 1v1 duel .

  • Anyway as i said i wont bother sg team with this they got other things to do i just asked an opinion and i said no flame peace, i got my answer from shadow fair enough there is no nerf , thats it. Close this if possible shadow before it becomes drama by some ppl :)

  • Yes but it doesn't work like that. If we lower the damage, and by lowering the damage we mean to change the formula, we might have the result you want for your pvp aspect, but a level 50 with remove M will do 200 damage with average items. Since is a buff like all the other buffs, we can't add a resistance, or it mess with the buff you receive from the other skills too.

    It needs to be reworked using the brain, cause is not something that was just created after an update, that skill is like this since Metin2 came to life. You just see it as a problem because the amount of cumulative bonus, lower so much all the other skills ingame that makes this remove imba.

    Is never late to adjust something that doesn't work and that is barely used nowadays. Don't you think that is stupid to complain about the lack of pvp but also to complain about re-working or nerfing the pvp bonus which cause silly damage and are probably one of the cause of the lack of pvp?

    The damage at high levels and with good bonus should be much higher, not high enough to make the duel or the battle ends with a couple of skills but also not impossible to kill each other.

    I believe this is the actual situation

    And is just wrong :D