Please , help me a little .

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  • Hi guys , so i wanted to ask can anyone tell me from where to start , i mean i came back from a break of metin2 (the break was from 2015 to now) so i would like to ask how should i make money at first?and i would be gratefull for more tips about the game .

    Sorry for my bad grammar .
    Ign : Ishryn

  • Hey and welcome back!

    I wrote in forum many guides, you can check them. Also there are several posts about ways to make money in General and Questions Sections of this Forum. Check them as well.

    You have access to beginner items+9, green adders and changers to bonus the items and a Christmas Event which looks pretty good so far :)

  • Got lvl 25 for today , a taichi book and that's all for now , i did read one or two of your guides i will look for more , maybe read them from phone too , they are a big help also is the novice channel very good?
    Also for mental warrior which book cost the most?

  • Taichi you can sell it for 300k (be pacient with book shops, leave them overnight)., you could use the novice channel and hunt for Spider Eyes in Sahara Desert.

    Farming Spider Eyes in desert - my favourite place.

    In about 2 hours, with a 2 hours glove and a lv 25 character (i like to use body warrior) the shop will look like this :

    Remember to ask for a guild invite, donating experience is key to keep in the range of levels for the monsters to keep dropping things.

    You could try a lvl 15 char for book farming in the first town (Aura of sword sells for 1.5-2kk, Enchanted blade sells for 1kk, enchant damage, blessing spell, dark shield and fear for 400-500k aprox.)
    Or try a lvl 22 mental for horse medals, it gets boring but pays off (when somebody doesn't sell horse medals for 100k, the price fluctuates but keeps at 300-350k each with some luck, and those are highly requested).
    At lvl 30 you can try to fish and mine. Opening fishes could get you a Clam, which price is between 9 to 12kk until you get at least 15kk for a full moon sword +9 or you get a red iron blade +9 for your warrior farmer.
    Fishing gets easier with time, but you could get bored easily.

    I do highly encourage you to build a Warrior or a Sura if you want to have a farming character, a warrior for farming metin stones at lvl 35 is cheap to build and you can use the items npcs sell, and pays off well if farming only second city, if you invest in it, get a better armour or you level up his skills, it's quite op. Sura is expensive but can solo almost everything, but isn't quick at all.

  • Hmm , i guess i have to choose between a Sura or corporal warrior to farm(my main is 25 mental atm) because i like to be fast when or mining.. i dont't know what to say about those seem kinda boring for me but might try them , also i did thought about a guild but i dunno if im gonna have any sucess joining one to donate xp.

  • Mental characters are quite slow, but you can still choose your class until level 30 with the Old Lady, to not lose your progress, she charges a lot of gold, I think 200k in lvl 25 for each try.
    Remember you should only master an ability at level 17, and if is farming character you should master as soon as posible, without wasting points on other skills, those skills that give you a passive buff as Taichi on mental, Berserk or Aura of Sword in corporal, Enchanted Damage and Blessing Spell on dragon mage.

  • I can add that you should pick up every stone+0+1+2, every book on the beginning while farming metins. Every book you can sell for 70k at general store, stones +2 has similar price, +1 cheaper but still it's good for beginners. When u do missions from begining u will have basic eq with 1,5k - 2k hp. While makiing armed horse i suggest farming ribs on esoterics while wating for next lvls. Why not metins? Because low dmg = long killing. I know, u can get green changer, but in time you look for metins u can farm some ribs. Even get lucky and drop 8 avg mystic or sth high avg ^^ Good luck

  • Than for advice guys for now though i think i will farm horse medals , also i droped a rib , dunno what to do with it for now and i switched to body warrior i will stay lvl 30 to farm horse medals but i might have lowered my drop .

  • Ideal level for horse medals is 22, you can make another character, mental is optimal (as monkeys make you drink too much potions) on your account to farm them. Remember to save at least 11 horse medals for your horse quests
    The level 30 one will serve you to farm ribs at esoterics, also you will level up to 35 there, when you can get your armed horse.

  • Yeah i got lvl 35 atm and a weak fms also when i did the horse mission one mob droped a fms with avg 27% or 29% i thought about selling that ,i got around 28 medals now

  • Very nice! Upgrades in the average of the FMS or RIB are quite needed after a while, but that fms will do, at least until you start farming metins and getting green changers, which you can sell or use for your fms.