Two fresh ideas.

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  • Legano

    somebody selling dragon claws?

  • CapTaiiN

    someones trollin here haha

  • Ettore66

    No ox event tonight?

  • 6ix9ine

    Help me pls ^^ Resolution Problem

  • xWoops

    ye pretty much, must be the lack of proper fonts

  • EmyEmy

    I guess its blurry? With wine

  • xWoops

    well it's fine, graphics are a bit worse but it's playable

  • [CoMa]Shadow

    Sure it is ok, but in case of issues caused by wine, we can't provide help.

  • xWoops

    (on linux)

  • xWoops

    shadow, i'm using wine. That's ok isn't it?

  • UnkoJP

    I miss him more, toss off! u minion

  • A.O.S

    shadow i miss u bb

  • CapTaiiN

    Sell [Lot of Stuff] updated

  • CapTaiiN

    Trade Sura PVP Armour make offers guys

  • DontBeScared

    When will be released lottery results?

  • H2SO3

    when hunter ranking got reset?

  • MrSoon

    buy salvation fans 5int mystic

  • Jese

    Let's rebuild red kingdom

  • Jese


  • palita

    Shadow is that silent stalker, stay in the lights and you will see him

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  • Hello guys , I'd like to introduce two ideas which cross my mind so far , so..

    1. The first 1 is , there would be grade if we can trade items and u dont need to be next to each other , but from far away (for example 2 different maps), what I mean is to send items from each player to another by trades (same function like Post Mail :D) , of course for each item we have to pay .Different items would be with different amount (For example if ur Main , Farmer ,buffer etc. and forgot Fugative Capes , instead of having to walk all the way back , just log with another character and send it ) . All the funds will go to King's treasury.

    2. I was thinking when I have a dead character and the options "Revive in town" after 2-3 mins automatically teleport the dead character to the "town", I was thinking that it would be very usefull , if the Staff can add countdown timer on the box (window) into message "Revive on town" , for example ( Revive in town - 1.57(s) )

    Best regards , xLykan

  • I do like this one, even when in Hell run, on only 1 character.. using the buff i lure mobs away from the metin and stay dead by them so i don't lure them back to the tank. An instance like this it would be nice to have the countdown timer. Or in DT upper floors, if i die but need to wait for the person tanking to move/kill the mobs around me so i can getup and kill or buff (depending on what char i bring) a timer would be helpful. These are just 2 examples I can think of off the top of my head of why it could be useful. Im sure there are reasons why its not but id be cool with this :D

  • What you described on 1) is the mail system which many mmo has. However you can't trade from any maps to maps, but from a specific map, which has a NPC that has the form of a PostMail, to a character, which can be in any other maps of the game. There are limits on the type of items you can send and you must pay a fee to use the mail.

    However the reason why such system exists in some mmo, is because it is not possible to log multiple accounts at the same time and because all the items you equip are bind. Such system is useful if you are starting a new character and you manage to drop a good item with your main that your new character could use. Since you can't trade it directly, you use the mail. But on Metin2 this is not the case, since you can log several accounts at the same time. Seems more an idea to never leave your farming place and trade your drops or trade potions.

    As for the second, I am not entirely sure but I believe you can't have a real countdown ingame, but just by notice in your chat. Need further checks.

  • Well, i have an idea too:

    It's about the revival place option. To put a higher time for revival in the same place or disable it (or put an item to use it). The reason? Well, now that ks rule was removed sometimes you can think "If i kill this one, i can get the spot, even if it cost me 2k rank point" but, if you do it's not worth, because he can simply revive in the same place so, why to do pvp? Why to kill if later i can drop and he doesn't lose neither time? If someone is trying to fuck you doing ks or stealing items you can't do nothing because he revives in 10 seconds. In this way at least you have a higher time due to the cost of your rank points. If you want to play as a villian it has no sense neither, because he can revive in 10 seconds and start to try to make you drop. No sense, you prepare pvp as an alternative and it has no positive effects in any sense, neither to farm or steal. Even to other kingdom people.

  • No @Benitez952 , just no. If you take away the revive here you destroy the raids in the enemy town. Players will have to use the revive in town option and do you know where is the town place for the enemy kingdom? At Old Man. I don't know if they can make it to depend on the rank points, lower the points longer the cooldown or whatever. In PvM, if you want to take one's place ask somebody to kill that person. It happens during events and rarely the one you kill fights back.

  • It's just an example @Vyenna, but i think something should be made for that. If you speak about the raids in kingdoms well, they could just let it normal there, i don't know how the game works or what is possible, but i really think they should make something ng for it