Christmas Farming Tips

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  • Hey so... me being me, I get bored farming on one character for 7 days straight and I like to farm all that I can (even the small boxes); I have been testing different level characters and areas to farm with them... So here's some ideas for those not sure where to farm :D

    DISCLAIMER: Im not perfect and others have have different results; and sorry if I am incorrect on the levels but I have asked a lot of people which boxes what level characters drop

    Level 15-60 drops (S) Small boxes
    Level 61-90 drops (M) Medium boxes
    Level 91+ drops (L) Large Boxes
    Please correct me if one of these is wrong :-)

    • lv 92 Archer (not the best farmer.. got the job done) Best place i dropped boxes was in hl2 in the first 4-5 rooms; as archer in 1 hour or so i got 77 L boxes

    PROS: Drops; Poison sword, clams, shields/armors(Rarity) and exp for main
    CONS: Archer sucks at hl2 - Will be trying out 95 weaponry sura next

    • lv 75 Sura - 8th floor DT about 30-35 boxes in 30 minutes (Not counting the 10 or so i got going up to 8th floor)

    PROS: Finger bones, high drop rate of boxes, rarity bracelets on 8th floor
    CONS: If you DC you must go back to 8th floor; laggy for me

    • lv 61 Warrior - v2 (First 6 rooms) 53 boxes in 1 hour 15 minutes

    PROS: Rarity drops from v2, herb drops in v2, very nice drop rate of boxes
    CONS: ??? couldnt think of any except needing capes

    • lv 15 Warrior - Map1 (caping by the beach) in 8 minutes i got 4 boxes but ended up leaving... None dropped for me in cursed maps or map2 with this character

    PROS: Rarity low level items (I got silver bracelet 8 restore hp)
    CONS: Lowest box, not a lot of mobs, low drop of boxes.... boring lol

    • Newest test 95 Sura in HL2.. I tried from beginning to dragon room and did not seem to get many drops

    These are just some of my experiences so far... If you have others, lets help eachother out!

    I love the way the boxes scale with the level of your character and I really hope every holiday even turns out like this! :)

    Thanks for reading! :love: