Stacking items

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    Thanks to all players who was at NW, it was one of the best, many ppl. 👌🏻

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    crossword 14:00GMT?

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    from other players..

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    if you buy odins ingame you get 0 mp

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  • Hello everyone!

    I'm writing with an idea of making us being able to stack items, especially:
    - horse medals,
    - clams,
    - autopotions which weren't used,
    - exp rings,
    - thief's gloves
    and others, that's surely gonna make our equipments & depos cleaner

  • Quote

    - autopotions which weren't used,
    - exp rings,
    - thief's gloves

    Timed items are very complex to stack, not impossible but not worth all the risks and possible bugs. They should be able to stack if their time is exactly the same, but their behaviour may be odd once you use them in stack, ie equipping a glove out of a stack of 10.

    Horse medals can stack but in the past there were issues with the horse quest, which is why we never made them stackable.

    Clams on the other hand can stack as they are no different than a normal box.

  • @Shadow
    He wanted to stack minnows, which are used only for minnow event. They don't have length and I have about 5-6 characters full of minnows, if they were able to stack it'd be much easier. Same with fishing event boxes.

  • No.

    The value of all the skill books is one and only, the server assign a name based on one of the skills, but the value of the item is always the same.

    You could stack them, but you will get a 200x skill book without name unless you separate them all again. So it will be not clean and pretty confusing to stack them.

  • And what about to copy the same desing as item (the book frame) and create new entities based on each book, with their name and entity (number 00167 aos, 00168 berseck) asignated to make them stackable?

  • Too long to do and we must also redo the skill system, since the books are generated based on the skill that the game has, which means that if we add 10 new skills, the game will automaticaly have 10 new books.

    Also we must add all the books as drop to the metins and to certain box / boss, manualy.

    We are not talking of 2 or 3 books, we are talking of 48 books.

    But more important than the amount of time it would requires, you guys wanted the 4th inventory, you got it. You have the shopbox which can be used as a storage even if you don't have it. You create countless of storage accounts ignoring the fact that the game has a limited amount of space in inventory for a reason, so we don't see the point of using extra time when you can simply create a new storage account or invest on the 3th and 4th inventory.

    The stackable items are and always will be what the game had since day one, material items, treasure box from events and potions.