Making money

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  • Hi,

    before you ask... I've read some topics about money on this forum already.
    I just wanted to ask something a little bit different.

    I've got lvl 35 m2 farmer and it works okay.
    Now I want to invest some money in something else,
    here are my thoughts:

    - lvl 55 farmer for Ice marbles/yeti furs, etc,
    - lvl 61 rarity farmer in v2
    - sin for plagued
    - orc maze
    - moonlight farmer (my main sura 75 lvl)

    Which one would be the best? First four options require to make a new char, that isn't a problem for me.
    Tell me what you think. Thanks!

  • I agree with beckman on the 60-61 farmer. I have one myself and it is a great money maker, usually in 1-2 hours in v2 you drop at least one good item along with the herbs/snake tail+/ and gold drops.

    Best to have double gloves and farm the first 5-6 rooms in v2. You can also use it to get ice marbles and yeti fur instead of having a separate character for farming them.

    Also you can use your 75 or the new 61 you make for moonlights since both will be able to drop them at lemures.

  • I am pretty sure that with a level 62 warrior/sura you can do almost everything. You can farm up to level 105 metins with a decent gear.Suras are really good at their tanking skills so it might not be a problem for you to tank V2 with a "meh" gear.I wish you best of luck with the future drops.

  • You got a progression there, as from 55 to 61 you don't have any investment, you can make profit from Ice marbles if you feel comfortable, if not, you can upp it to 61 and that would have more versatility.
    An assassin is a good idea, if you want to play as an assassin and if you have the patience to get skills and equipment.
    Orc Maze is not worthy if you are a solo player now, as it has ip block and you can't enter alone, you wont make profit but maybe it could be fun to do some times, not worth to invest with.
    Moonlight farming is worth in higher level maps, your sura will do and your rarity farmer might as well, if you have % agains devils equipment.
    (feel free to correct me and add)

  • Ice marbles can be farmed by lv75 chars in hl1, together with the rest of ice mobs based upgrade materials. Since you have a sura,maybe you also have buff mage. The drop of these materials is pretty good.

    The item drop in v2 starts from lv60, you can also use your main to farm them, but the drop of snake tail+ and plants for pots is going to be low compared with lv60-61 chars.