Berserk P or G1 ?

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  • [CoMa]Shadow

    from the client of course

  • [CoMa]Shadow

    Change the resolution

  • Spenditiion

    ofc no1 answers , i reinstalled it still not working , nvm

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    anyone can help

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    what should i do when i cant log and it says "metin_2_create_no_apropiate_device"

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  • Onyekuru

    wtb poison+9 45 avg

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    tary explain lottery pls <3

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    Woot? Xd

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    uve been freed

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    Well that sucks:P

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    Haha im curious unkojp

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    because of many reasons XD

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    banned why? ;l

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    Fivel, i have 8avg 5skill lvl 48 sura armor, but I guess im banned xd

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    3º in hunter ranking has any prize? :P

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    yes 49 avg is very good

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    Anyone got a lv 48 Sura armor? I mean like any at all..

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    no we don't

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  • G1. Cap is on 200. Berseck g1 gives you 41% atck speed aprox. 100+41 = 141 + 27% from poison +9 = 168 + speed potion green [M] = 188 + bio = ~200.

    Have it on Perfect is to do not use those speed potions, but you take a lot more of damage. Just my advice, you can do what you want, but i wouldn't consider it because the price of 200 potions are just 10kk.

    If you want perfect, make sure to do a super eq. The advantage i see there are the colors of skill haha.

  • I never got why there was a cap of 200 on mov/attack speed. That cap makes berserk the only skill in the game which gets worse when maxed out, which is really stupid imo...
    If cap would be more than 200 then you could green pot with P berserk, and have a reason to take more damage while getting some bonus out of it.

  • there are many reasons to make it P, being the most important while in poly, that it gives you move speed and you don't need to waste purple L pots or green pots.

    That idea that G1 is better comes from P servers where you have AS speed pots that give you high AS and are free, where sometimes you have AS stones/rolled stats and where the equipment and stats are so ridiculously high that you don't even need berserk.

    The difference of damage you take from G to P is not that big that is better to leave it at G.
    Also don't know where people got the numbers to say that you need super equipment to make berserk P and tank when many people have it even on lvl 30s, 40s and 50s and can farm no problem without super equipment. And don't forget that you can have P berserk at level 18 (whatever rocks your boat) but not a poison +9, or AS bio (lvl 40 bio gives 5% and lvl 80 gives 6 points).

    stats are like this:
    * The following values were recorded under these conditions:
    - Character Level 105.
    - No Biologist Quests done.
    - 4 CON, 3 INT, 6 STR and 3 DEX.
    - No equipments.


    Attack Speed: +41%

    Moving Speed: +16%

    Duration: 133s


    ttack Speed: +62%

    Moving Speed: +25%

    Duration: 172s

    These numbers come from SG wiki

    so how is less AS, less MS and less duration better?40 seconds duration more is for instance the difference between being able to kill or not a tougher boss according to your level, specially if you don't have poison pet/gear/fish

    P is better that G, all skills at P are better than G so just go for P

    Yo ho ho and a bottle of Rum...

  • You don't really need that 21% extra of AS because the cap, as simple as that. In a boss you can perfectly pulse the button again (If you are not poly), but, as he is not 105 to make runs (and i am sure because a 105 do not question that), then it s better if he doesn't up it till the times come. Also, added damage is in % so, a level 18 will receive much less damage added than a higher one (As a 80) because higher lv monster do a higher damage.

  • you do need those 21% because of poly, you do have other runs before 105 where you need poly and better berserk helps, you do have bosses that if your berserk goes down you might not be able to pass the last 5-10% of boss's hp while in poly unless you have good enough damage (i think it was perfectly clear i was talking about being in poly by writing "being the most important while in poly").

    Also, unless he prefers to drag his ass around on low move speed, or spend gold on purple L pots (less than that is almost useless) or needlessly waste one item stat to get 20% move speed, he will also need the 9% more move speed from P berserk.

    For me he can even leave it at M1, every player plays how he/she wants but saying that G skill is better to have than P skill is just ridiculous.
    Not even going for the stats here because this server is pretty easy, but on another official server, i already had P berserk on a level 35, no special gear since no trade mall items/points and i could farm everything for that level range.
    And if, like you mention, he is "not a level 105" why would he be worried about taking little damage more from mobs but being able to kill faster and find mobs/metins faster? your statement is a contradiction

    Like i said before, any P skill is better than G skill. Berserk has the counter part of taking a bit more damage which even isn't that much. it's not like he takes 500 dmg more per hit per mob from having P instead of G. This is official server, doesn't pay up to compensate low move speed + low attack speed to get a little less damage by wasting gold on endless pots to get that move speed and attack speed, specially if it's a somewhat new player that isn't swimming in gold. that gold should be used for gear/stats not for pots

    anyway try on a level 40/50 to see if you get 200 attack speed even with berserk P.
    on my level 40 i have P berserk 62% + silver bracelet 5% + RIB 15% + 40 bio 5% and my attack speed is 187. if i want to reach maximum attack speed i still need to use attack pot M because with S i will get 197.

    so again doesn't make sense to me what level you think he is to use a poison +9 (at least 75) and why would someone that already equips a poison +9 has any problem with having P berserk. maybe he bought only the poison +9 and farms naked? :D
    And no you don't need to "make sure to do a super eq" to have berserk P.


    Yo ho ho and a bottle of Rum...

  • Okey bro, as i see you don't want to see disadventages and warriors are perfect for you i will give you the reason, because it not makes sense wasting more my time: "Yes, you are right, berseck P is one of best skills ever, it breaks the cap, and the damage on p is not great (even when in m1 you get like a 18 - 25% more dmg aprox), you can lure all mobs in hl with an armor lv 90 stones +6 perfect dops (because it s something all we have, of course) so, don't worry, just up the skill and you will see ^^ " I hope this sounds better for you now.


  • are you even a warrior? because it doesn't seem you know that well how playing with one goes.
    i just showed before you don't cap attack speed until you change from lvl 30 wep to lvl 75, easy math to do, but you still keep saying same even with proof. you skip mentioning skill duration and move speed because those 2 are a bit harder to refute so "lets just forget those ones" ay?

    just pointless. play with a warrior on all levels from 1 to 105, farm all maps with one, test all mobs and then your input will be valid. and a little sniff on it, a level 35 warrior with good, not godly, gear can kill metins until level 85, buffed, with P berserk, on a much harder server than this. but ye, you are 100% correct in leaving skills on G1, that's why they were made for.

    Yo ho ho and a bottle of Rum...