questions about improvement next steps

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  • what would you do as next if you was in my case
    aura is P, buff is lvl 63 and have m5 skills :S

    here is my equipment, any ideas what to improve or which equipment ot get, and where to farm? ( glyph stone farming and red wood sucks hard )

    i got a lvl 36 metin farmer, i use to farm polymarbles and green changers, but honestly i prefer a high lvl char:P

  • You did not write what level you are.
    70 stones are probably best (as far as stones go) if you´re lvl 75 for SS+3+4, but they are really cheap right now. Red wood forest stones s*ck so you´ll need to get higher to do the 90 map stones. Farming HL is good ofc, but you´ll need more gear for that im pretty sure. And G/P blessing helps a lot.

    Glyph stone farming s*cks until you´re lvl 80 and can get the bio items too. I got 80 too now since quite some time and you´re dropping a lot of those 80 bio quest items for every glyph you drop and they sell for 1-2kk too. You also need to be lvl 75 to drop 70 weapons.

    Im currently lvl 80 on my sin and really only farming dt (smith and death reaper for dc run entry). Trying to eventually get a shield with block, devil and avg def or something. And then ill probably find a guild to do dungeons with. I don´t really have an amazing 54 armor so plagued might be impossible, but we´ll see ill try it, probably fail it and then upgrade i guess. Other than that im also farming with farmers at lower levels. Just seems better. Until i get ready for actual dungeons.
    Also if you have a guild that can do dt to rare smith you can join there and "help" a bit to get your boots to +9 and upgrade to quillin. Get your buff to 80 for that too. Every event just farm v3 and level up your buff while doing that until it´s 80 or 90 to teleport with wedding ring in the new maps. Probably not gonna get 90 in v3 like that, but just cash in the free exp every time you can. Im not sure how that works with the event rules when you have a lvl 90 buff for your 80 main, but realistically i don´t think they are gonna ban you for farming with an actual char over a completely an utterly useless buff that probably has no bio quests, probably has no armor, probably has some low lvl weapon with 17 int and is married to your actual main. They cannot do that. The rule is not there to make you completely unable to farm, it´s there to not have low lvl map too overfarmed.

    Fear mask +7 seems like no brainer. You maybe don´t NEEED to add bonuses right away depending on what you want to be doing you can do that later maybe. 20% devil if you wanna do dc, 20% undead for dt, 10% demi for HL, rest i would not really bother too much with, sure at speed is nice, but you already god berserk. You don´t really need undead either, you can use a 21 helmet with 20% undead for reaper and after that you probably just die so who cares. I would get half decent ebony earrings before you get into sce. It´s much cheaper to switch 20% double drop and decent stats into it and sce at+6 is not even much better compared to 8avg ebony earrings and 5avg once are not horrible either. And you can also use those on your low lvl farmer.

    Maybe make scn +6-7 with hp already beats your necklace by a lot especially if you get one with 10 crit or 15 arrow or 8 stun or multiple of those. Seems more important than sce for aos warrior.
    Get 10 hp absorb on your armor. But it´s probably better to get hp restore one for aos warrior and restart. Im not entierly sure tbh. But ill probably go hp restore on my aos warrior that im also gonna level up to 75 soon. Though ill be using 26 armor, because looks cooler than 34 armor and otherwise same reasoning as ebony earrings. It´s gonna do fine mostly and is significantly cheaper. Already got +9 poison. Not sure what im gonna be farming with it though, other than 70 metins. But i mostly level it up because i also want to have a warrior to farm better at events. As the rules say you can farm only with your main or a char that can farm the same content, witch a 75 warrior can deffinitely do. And at 75 i can also farm dt after smith fairly well (mobs after 70 stone floor).

    Make a good poison before grudge id say. More ap. More useful without mount. Just as useful with mount pretty much. Especially as aoes warrior. You can´t use mount in dungeons. Grudge does not really matter unless mobs or whatever have 1hand def.