Heaven Lair 1/2 Maps - Ice Witch Location

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  • Any player can enter in this map from Orc Valley. The entrance is located in the bottom right corner of the Orc Valley, next to NPC Seon Pyeong. Players of lv60 and above can teleport from NPC Teleporter in the room before the portal to Heaven Lair 2 (room 81 on the map).

    There are two types of monsters in this map and a boss. Ice monsters drop upgrade materials and from lv80 players can also get low lv weapons+9 and Water Crystal. The Heaven Soldier, Archer and Cleric drop Clams, lv75 weapons and other stuff only if players are lv80 and higher. Ice monsters have no weakness, Heaven ones are demi-human. Ice monsters are required for the lv92 quest Red Sky Gem, Heaven ones for the lv94 quest White Sky Gem.

    The boss in Heaven lair is the Ice Witch (lv100). It spawns in different locations and it drops Ice Coffin box. So far i managed to find it in several places on the map, as it follows:

    • the passage below room 44 (at the Dark Shrine)
    • room 50
    • the passage between rooms 49 and 65
    • room 57
    • room 66
    • room 72

    In the map the red dots are the rooms where are located Sura Skeletons (for the lv75 quest Diary of a Legend).

  • Very Nice :)

    Boss spawn every hour
    The Ice Witch teleports random all 5 Minutes between this Spawn places

    Ice Coffin contains:

    I hope this helps ^^

  • Since i have been contacted regarding this guide.

    It is outdated, the Ice Witch Location was changed in the beginning October 2021.

    She now has a fixed position and spawns every 4 Hours

    The fastest way to reach her is probably by teleporting into Heaven's Lair2 [Dragon Room Dungeon Panel Option] and leaving HL2 again, as it will put you right into her room.