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  • Leadership is an skill which allow you to give special bonus to your partymembers, this skill can increase the attack value, attack speed, HP, Skill duration, Max. SP and defense.

    How this bonuses act?
    This bonuses will be only added whe the leader of the party is on and member/members are close to the leader, this last mean if you are outside the radius of the leader, you will lose the bonuses. If the member got any bonification there will be an icon under the HP bar.

    How to raise this skill?
    Lv1 to 20: need to read SunZi art of war, one per level. It reach to master after succes 20 SunZis.
    M1 to M10: need to read WuZi Art of war. Its needed 1 book from M1 to M2, 2books for M2 to M3, etc ... Its raised like a normal skill. It reach to Grand Master after succes 55 WuZis.
    G1 to G10: need to read GuiGu Art of war. Its needed 11 books from G1 to G2, 12 books from G2 to G3, etc... Bezame Perfect Master after succes 155 GuiGu.

    How are these bonuses given?

    Since Leadership is LV10, you are able to assignning bonus to your partymembers. Its not possible to assign any bonus to the party leader, neither more than one bonus to the same member.
    Once leadership reaches to the minimum level to assign bonuses, the leader clicks on the icon of the partymember and choose the one that he/she deems appropiate.

    What can i assign?
    -Attack Value (from lv10)*
    -Attack Speed (from M1)
    -Max HP (From M1)
    -Skill Duration (from M6)
    -Max SP (from G6)
    -Defense (From P)

    *Attack value at P can be assigned to 2 partymembers.

    Leadership Attack value Attack speed Max HP Skill duration Max SP Defense
    Lv10 23
    Lv11 24
    Lv12 25
    Lv13 26
    Lv14 28
    Lv15 29
    Lv16 30
    Lv17 31
    Lv18 32
    Lv19 34
    M1 40 3 775HP
    M2 41 3 804HP
    M3 42 3 833HP
    M4 43 3 862HP
    M5 44 3 890HP
    M6 46 4 920HP +32Durat.
    M7 47 4 963HP +33Durat.
    M8 49 4 1007HP +34Durat.
    M9 51 4 1050HP +36Durat.
    M10 53 4 1094HP +37Durat.
    G1 59 5 1239HP +41Durat.
    G2 61 5 1282HP +43Durat.
    G3 62 5 1326HP +44Durat.
    G4 64 5 1369HP +45Durat.
    G5 66 5 1413HP +47Durat.
    G6 68 5 1471HP +49Durat. 613SP
    G7 71 6 1529HP +50Durat. 637SP
    G8 73 6 1587HP +52Durat. 661SP
    G9 76 6 1645HP +54Durat. 685SP
    G10* 79 6 1717HP +56Durat. 715SP
    P 85 7 1862HP +61Durat. 775SP +42 Def

    If there are something wrong, pls let me know via PM or post here, also if in any part i didnt explain well, Thanks.

    Special thanks to @Vyenna for colaboration.

    Regards, Hiumi!

  • There is a mistake in your post.
    The bonus given from the leadership buff is not bound to the range when it displays below the health bar
    you can try that by simply giving yourself HP from groupbuffs and then run to the other side of the map
    you will still have max HP + Group Buff.

    I don't know if this is intentional or not but I think it is really good since you do most of your runs in poly marble and as you know everytime something with your damage changes (Blue Liquid, Sockets of your SCE dissapear, you put alchemy on/off), you have to recall your Frosty. This is the same if the party leader gives you group buff.

    So if it was connected to your distance you would have to call Frosty in Plagued/Hellrun all the time over and over again and this would be not only hard to control, it would also slow you down since every time you call a pet you get slowed down for a bit, which sometimes gets me stuck to some Hae-Taes.

    So I just wanted to point that out and say if it is a bug, please don't change it.