Sell [Wise Memo's] [Master Compass] [Blacksmith's memo's] [Adders] [Red Monocle] [Marbles] [Quest Potions]

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  • Hello i have items on sell :D

    Wise Man Memo's - 17,5kk/each (40x)
    Master compass - 36kk/each (4x)
    Enhance scrolls(Adders) - 2,2kk/each (33x)
    Blacksmith's memo's - 4,5kk/each (25x)
    Red Monocle - 9,5kk/each (23x)
    Blessing Marble - 5,5kk/each (37x)
    Quest Potion - 9,5kk/each (28x)

    If u want buy something, send me message on forum

  • Red monocle, quest potion, blessing marble,master compass sold.

    New price:

    Blacksmith's memo's - 3kk/each (25x)
    Wise Man Memo's - 14,5kk/each (20x)