Romanian Players

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  • EmyEmy

    Forum lottery should be sent on tary"s wawall

  • S3ke

  • [CoMa]Shadow

    Server on!

  • SirPic

    say please

  • UnkoJP

    send link of new serv2

  • [CoMa]Shadow

    The silk bundle from the general store does what you suggest anyway, at least the first part.

  • [CoMa]Shadow

    It does appear within 2 minutes from the creation

  • deathpool

    dont know why but my suggestion thread does not appear in the right side (latest posts), here it is [CHANGE] "Memory" for items in a shop

  • deathpool

    what's the link to server2 registration?

  • Pingu


  • EmyEmy

    :assaultrifle: :chainsaw:

  • Aguilaz


  • PaliPali


  • EmyEmy

    please add more 'hit' emotions in the game xd theres only one :D

  • najiko

    Hi :)


    And what will come? Will there be a 50% TP Event? :phatgrin:

  • [CoMa]Shadow

    It will start on 19.


    When u guys think to tell us Infos about Easter if there is coming a Event ? :pillepalle:

  • [CoMa]Shadow

    We never opened any thread here about a server 2. I don't see why you all pretend to be surprised when no informations is given

  • [CoMa]Shadow

    Isn't idiotic to advertise a server 2 on the website of the server 1? If we open a server 2 is to expand the userbase, not to drag people from server 1, to 2

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  • Hey Com,

    I really don't want to offend anyone in this thread I just want to share some experience with you. I have the feeling that Romanian players are the rudest players on the whole server. I chat and haggle a lot with others. What I noticed is that some players especially players from Romania are rude as ****. They make you absurd offers and are extremely offensive most of the time. It feels like they want to scam you every time. Just want to know if you guys had similar experiences with Romanian players.

    Again I really don't want offend anyone here. I just want to share my experience so far.

    Kind Regards,
    MrWang :)

  • Hello there,

    I don't see anything that could come out constructive out of this thread or what kind of comments do you expect. Generalising is for simple minds.

    No offense but it's more useless than whatever char you may have in game, no offense x2

  • Don't want to generalise! I'm just interested if anybody here had a similar experience with such players. I just want to know if it is just me or other players having the same feeling. As I said I don't want to offend anyone and I don't want to judge or generalise a group of players. I just want to hear your experiences with these type of players. Hope you understand me. I'm seriously interested in constructive criticism!!!

    King Regards,

  • As a Romanian player, I might wonder where were you thinking at when you wrote this post. Do you somehow believe bad behaviour is a matter of nationality? I have both positive and negative experience with players from many countries. The way a player acts in game is a matter of education.

    Since you are pointing fingers, can't wait for next thread when you are picking on Germans or Turks :D
    Let's sacrifice some of these (bad word) for the sake of the community :P

    Leaving joke aside, is the community's problem that you are having trouble with your business? Or maybe you want to write a guide about your favourite way to do business?

    YES, I am picking on you. YES, I feel offended by your post.