Lvl 62

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  • hey guys, i hope you can help me.

    a friend of mine gave me a lot of stuff coz ge stopped playing, now i have a lvl 62 body warrior with aura P berserk m10, good eq (fms with 50agv, armour with ss+6,...)

    but i dont know what i can do on this server with lvl 62, please give me some inputs what to do now, or where i can farm.

    thanks guys, whish you a nice day!

  • someone told me farm ice marbles, is this also a good method or better for lower lvl?

    If you go to the bottom right hand side of the mountain map and kill lv 65 metins or just cape the mobs you can drop ice marbles and lv 48 armors.

    Go to the ghost forest and kill metins and get 54 armors. (8restore and 8avg ones sell easy especially for sin)

    v2 first 6 rooms can drop nice rarity items (boots, shields, necklaces, earrings)

    Level 20-35 in desert killing scorpion archers for scorpion tail+ (they sell 5-8kk each very rare)

  • In my opinion, out of all mentioned, metins in temple are the most sure money. You should be able to get like 30 green changers in 2h (or more with luck) and beside green changers you can drop 60lv helms with rarity 5mob/5 demi/wind res/lightning res/ att speed and their variations, also skill books and stones ( pretty often +3 and +4 stones from my experience)

    Farming v2 depends on luck. You can farm there 1h and drop items worth 400kk or even more. And you can farm there 6h and drop nothing good. If u want to farm there u need a bravery capes and i would suggest buying 3rd hand from mall which picks up gold for you.

    About Moon event. If u are lucky and get big spot on lemures u are able to farm more than 1k moons in 1h. On smaller spots getting 1k moons take little more time. 200x moon is 23-25kk, so it's really worth it.

    Farming ice marbles i suggest doing while Hunter's Hour is active (400% drop). You can get even 30+ ice marbles, 30 yeti furs+, armours 48, herbs. ( i was using my 36lv warrrior for this)

    Finger bones - u can get from 0 - 5 finger bones per run ( doing it yourself ( i 've never dropped more than 5, but i think is possible)) 1x finger is like 4kk +-. Beside u can make some stuff +9 at smith floor. I think most valuable items for dt are HTN,HTE,HTB, maybe shields 61, weps 70/75, armours 48-70.

    And of course, if u have time and u are strong enough u can exp ppl for money in v3 :)

    So as you can see every method has its ups and downs. It's up to your prefferences.

  • Like @MrSoon said, lv 60 metins are great money for the green changers and helmet drops. Almost everytime i farm the metins in the temple i get 1 good helmet.... Just be wary that there are a LOT of level 55-65 farmers who kill those metins and will kill you to steal it. Might want to make sure you have some warrior/sura resist when doing them.

    For me i don;t have just 1 way of making gold; doing the same thing over and over gets boring for me so i switch it up on what i farm...

    Another great way for making money is joining Vein Spawn event. Soul crystal are worth a lot, and if you can manage 3-4 chars you can get 4000-5000 ores in 1 event which you should be able to refine 15-20 of them and they sell for 18-20kk each!