Price Check - [Items]

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  • Hi, guys.

    Tonight i'm here with some questions about Price Check.

    • Can we create one post with a table where we can find all Price Check about all Items in game?
    • I need a Price Check about some items.

    Price check:

    Orc Amulet +

    Orc Amulet

    Scorpion Tail

    Stone against Sura+4

    Sword Strike Skill Book

    Shaolin Stance Skill Book

    Flame Strike Skill Book

    Thunder Sword Skill Book

    Dance with Wind Skill Book

    Whirlwind Skill Book

    Thunder Bolt Skill Book

    Lightining Claw Skill Book

    Stealth Skill Book

    Dark Orb Skill Book

    Flaming Arrow Skill Book

    Reflect Damage Skill Book

    Unknow Medicine

    Unknow Medicine +

    Curse Book

    Curse Book +

    Spider Web

    Scorpion Needle

    Scorpion Claw

    Orc Tooth +

    Spider Egg Sack

    Unknow Talisman

    Unknow Talisman +

    Scroll of Mutation


    Shiriken +

    Item Name Price Check Min. - Max.
    Enchanted Blade Skill Book 500.000 Gold - 1.000.000 Gold
    Aura of Sword Skill Book 2.000.000 Gold - 2.500.000 Gold
    Anniversary Gift 8.000.000 Gold
    Blessing Scroll 1.000.000 Gold - 2.000.000 Gold
    Horse Medal 400.000 Gold - 500.000 Gold
    Green Magic Changer 2.500.000 Gold - 4.000.000 Gold
    Orc Tooth 500.000 Gold - 1.000.000 Gold

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