Building the EQ for WP 75 lvl

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  • Hello dear community! :D

    My friend gifted me Sura WP 75 lvl here. It has only one problem - almost no eq :D

    Biologist - A few Ice Marbles left.

    Skills - Blade & Fear P
    Dark Twister m10, rupture m8

    Eq that I found:
    crap 61 lvl +9 shield. 5 bonuses, crap bonuses.
    bsa +6 clear

    And that's... Pretty much all :D

    My question - what should I get to start earning using this champ? Which is the easiest way to earn at this lvl? I thought about metins in red wood or running some dt :)

    Also, I have 35 lvl body 2xG, farming in m2. That's kinda good profit there.

  • Quite the opposite, you are the living proof, despite spending money, your accounts were banned because you simply broke the rules and not because you shared accounts here and there :)

    We do not support sharing but we do not ban players for sharing, unless the account break our rules, but this is obvious.

    Refrain from making posts containing plain lies, they make you look like a hater.

  • @Arigato , even if it's not supported, that doesn't mean he will be treated as the worst, just means that if he has issues with the account because his friend steal him or something like that, he can do anything because literally account is not in his e-mail. Also:

    only if you start paying money that's how the things work here

    Wtf is this, i don't put money here but the service is excellent. I didn't have any type of issues with them in all these years. Just bad players have problems i guess, and by bad, i mean the ones who use hacks, exploit, steal or bugs :).


    Answering your question:

    Personally i recommend you to have yur own accounts but well. You can always start by fishing: each clam is 12kk. You MUST get basic eq, and by basic i mean to upgraded eq without rarity (because this type of eq is cheap and you can farm very well without rarity. Until one or two years ago rarity didn't exist so, the others players farmed with this type of eq). Fow weapon sura...

    - Armour lv 70+9
    - Poison sword +30 avg / fms + 40 avg
    - Helmet lv 60
    - Phoenix shoes or quilin shoes
    - Ebony earrings or soul cristal earrings
    - Heaven tear necklace or gold necklace
    - Heaven tear bracelet or Ebony bracelet
    - Any shield lv 61

    All of this upgraded to the max.

    If you get good eq, make money to up a character in your e-mail account. You would be surprised how many players i saw to be stealed by "their friends".

    See you boys, and good luck :).

    P.d.: Start from zero nowadays is very easy, you could make a perfect in a month so... play with the character you most like, if not, you will get bored. Also, dragon mage is very important in this server, as long as assassins :) You will need them to make runs.

  • Well, thanks for advice ;)

    Generally, I'm not sharing anything, the account was given to me together with e-mail adress. :)

    Thanks for the advice - one more question from me: As I mentioned before - I've got a body 35 lvl warrior. I'm actually only farming in m2, it's really profitable. Are there any other ways for this lvl? :) I understand I need huge amounts of money :D

  • upgradestuff farming is worth it too

    you dont need only to farm metins, join every event, always have pickaxe with you, if you see a diamond ore or copper/ebony heaven tear.. and so on

    if you see some items in shop really cheap, buy it and sell it for regular price or a bit cheaper

    (dont do that sell/resell thing on items like exp rings, if somebody sell for 100k, dont buy on mass and try sell 300k, cause ther are tons of them in market, try find something people need and the shop is not over filled with it )