Aqua Dragon Run Guide

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  • DontBeScared

    Will be there any Halloween event buddies'

  • Gonzoxxx


  • Syslas99

    Moon event already started?

  • Pingu

    Never close the Metin2 SG :d <3

  • [CoMa]Shadow

    Reboot done. Server on

  • [GM]Elspeth

    Hey guys, as it states at the very end of the post "The rewards will be sent automatically" just be a little bit patient and the it'll solve itself.

  • DontBeScared

    Same here, i think it will be manual

  • Adihere

    hello, you receive rewards from special lottery automatically ? i didn't receive :(

  • deathpool

    in your heart

  • Radioactive

    where is the lottery result?I cant see it ;)

  • DontBeScared

    Still nothing? :(

  • [SMOD]Tary

    Since I am waiting for the answer of some players it will be announced at night

  • MrSoon

    soon :) it requires to check A LOT of numbers, so be patient

  • DontBeScared

    When will the forum lottery winners be anounced?

  • PrometheusX

    just get enough dmg and then make sure you have magic res, hp absorb and as much hp restore

  • Adihere

    is there any use for fire resistance, wind, lighting etc?? i tested fire res in infernal flame field and no effect in damage taken(i have necklace 20% fire res)

  • MrSoon

    max your magic res, block chance, dodge arrows is usefull, don't get too much def because pierce will crush you

  • deathpool

    and for defense? 2 gms said me some time ago that lightning is useful but I tested it and nope, useless (against cleric, mob which attacks with lightning)

  • MrSoon

    demi vs "human" mobs

  • deathpool

    any useful bonus in hl (except mob and arrow resistance)?

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  • Since there is no written guide for my favorite run, gonna put few heads up regarding this run for those interested in trying it out.

    Location: Heaven's Lair, end of the 2nd floor (coordinates of NPC: 268.174)

    Bonus: Monster / Skill resistance / Block / +20k HP to endure Dragon's attack / +30k damage on Dragon overall
    Note: Seems that Dragon doesn't have any weakness except Monster.

    Beneficial boosts: Dragon God stuff, Blue liquid, Pink liquid, Red liquid, Palm of pierce, Palm of Critical, Greater healing potions, Buffs of course :P

    Requirement: 15 Dragon God's Symbols. They can be dropped from Zin Heaven General (spawns in a hall where the NPC is - entrance for Aqua Dragon's Room), respawn time: 5-20 minutes

    Minimum level: 75

    Party: 2-8 players

    Only party leader can trigger the run by clicking on NPC Sura Ghost. In order to activate the run, leader must have 15 Dragon God's Symbols in inventory and all party members need to stay nearby.

    After activating the run, party gets teleported into the Aqua Dragon room.

    Before killing the Aqua Dragon, players must destroy level 60 Metins randomly spawned all over the room.
    Monsters spawned from Metins are Heaven's Lair monsters. They can drop Clams, Shields, Boots, Armors, Weapons etc.
    Tip: Lure the Dragon to a corner, away from Metins, die and revive. Easier to destroy Metins without Dragon chasing you. :P

    There are several types of Metins and all of them boost Aqua Dragon in a different way:

    Metin of Mountain - increases Aqua Dragon's defence
    Metin of Arrogance - increases Aqua Dragon's HP regeneration per heal (bigger regeneration)
    Metin of Revenge - increases Aqua Dragon's damage
    Metin of Solitude - increases Aqua Dragon's HP regeneration rate (faster regeneration)

    Depending of players preference, only after 4 Metins of the same type are left, the party should go after the Dragon.

    Note: Perfect timing of poisoning the Dragon can be crucial for the run. Players shouldn't use any item with chance to poison, except Green Phoenix Seal (pet).
    Usage of Poly Marbles provides faster and easier way to kill the Dragon.

    Players automatically get teleported outside the Dragon's room 60 seconds after killing the Dragon. Don't hesitate to pick up the drops. :D

    Cooldown time: 1 hour

    Even the run can last up to 1 hour it usually takes only few minutes.
    Basically, it is a pretty quick run.

    Level, Thief Glove, Item Shop Thief Glove can influence the drop. To increase the chance of full drop players should use normal and item shop Gloves.

    Aqua Dragon level: 97

    Aqua Dragon drops:

    + Scale of Aqua Dragon (item used to make Quillin/Euphoria/Glory/King Fisher Shoes, Aqua Armors, PVP Weapons level 105 and Belts)

    + Claw of Aqua Dragon (item used to make Quillin/Euphoria/Glory/King Fisher Shoes, Aqua Armors, PVP Weapons level 105 and Belts)

    Please note, the ways may differ. I've tried to put all the information that may help players who are new to this run.

    Happy farming. :)

  • Wanna add a situation which happens when 2 different parties click on NPC in the same time on different channels:

    Both parties enter the Dragon Room, one party gets normal Metin Stones (4) and another party gets 7 Metin Stones.

    Meaning, the Run gets a little harder since instead of 4 boosts, Dragon gets 7. Quite a challenge.

    If you select right Metins, it is still doable even in a party of two.

    To my knowledge, me and my partner are the only one getting the room with 7 Metins.
    The reason might be the level of a party leader.