Question : Farming

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  • Hello,
    play since today at noon metin 2 and my question is how you can at the
    beginning on Metin sg effectively farms or with what you can farms to be
    able to build up its eq well and fast :) ?( ?( ?(

  • Hi and welcome!

    There are many posts having the same topic: farming. I made a guide for beginners, is in Guides section of this Forum. As a beginner you must start doing your quests because you will get some important help from quests' rewards. Then you must focus on lv 25 metins to be able to get yourself some green adders and changers. Once you have some decent items you can start thinking to exit map1 and go in map2, orc valley and desert for the mobs in there. Most players are lazy and only go to map2.

    Your attention on farming should be upgrade materials and poly marbles, you either get them from monsters killed or craft them at Baek-go in map1. Also while farming check all dropped items, rarity bonus ones have a really high value.
    For more information check this section and Guides in our Forum.
    Good luck!