Sell [Fear Mask+9] [Iron Helmet+9] and [2 Leather Boots] !

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  • Hey there ! Wanna Sell/Trade these Items ! :thumbup:

    Fear Mask+9

    Strong against Devil +6%
    HP-Regeneration +30%
    The Damage of 10% will be absorbed by SP
    SP Regeneration +30%
    Magic Resistance 15%

    Iron Helmet+9

    Wind Resistance +15%
    Strong against Undead +20%
    Strong against Animals +10%
    SP Regeneration +30%
    HP Regeneration +30%

    Leather Boots+9

    Strong against Warrior +15%
    Sword Defence 15%
    5% Chance of critical hit
    Max HP +1000
    Chance of Faint: 8%

    Leather Boots+7 (Mystic)

    Fan Defence 15%
    Chance to dodge Arrows 15%
    Slowing Chance: 8%
    10% Chance to critical hit
    Max. HP+1000
    (Mystic: Max. HP+800)

    Offer me here, private or ingame when u see me online ;)

    best greetings from germany ! ! !