Dragon Mage - Building and Playing the Most Wanted Character on Server

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  • Before you start reading please be aware the guide is based on my style of playing as dragon mage and may not be perfect for everybody.

    Dragon mages are pretty much required everywhere. Their buff skills will enhance the resistance and maximize the damage, making them the best partner at the farming places and on the battlefield.
    In the start I will make the argument why more players should start on this specific sub-class. Then i will describe the building and the items. On the last part i will talk about the role played by dragon mages in PvP and PvM.

    Dragon mage is needed pretty much everywhere. While players can make their own mages to buff them at farming places, Tec changed the dungeons. We have IP block on all dungeons so a player will not be able to enter with two characters. Somebody else will have to join with the dragon mage. Also in some dungeons mages are not required only to buff, they pretty much have to fight and help so they will need to have items and the players must be skilled in using them. Also in fights a buff mage without items will not be able to reach the players who need buff, it can be killed in a single hit. Again, mages must have good items and players must know how to play.

    It isn't easy to play as dragon mage. The character itself lacks the attack power and the resistance in the early stages. Also if warrior weapons and armours can be found everywhere, mages will always have trouble finding good items. Tec made some changes in this direction and now every class starts with refined items and adding stats on them is easy. All what a mage needs is to have some money and the desire to go on.

    In the build of a dragon mage players must take into consideration every possible situation. I don't recommend maximizing INT first because the character will lack resistance. A dragon mage is not a character able to tank simply because it cannot deliver the killing hits fast enough before it gets killed. It is the best in my opinion if the player will add points in CON and INT at the rate of 1:1 until INT is at about 50 points. Then maximizing CON must become the priority and only then maximizing INT. CON gives more HP and adds points into AC (def). INT gives values to the skills and adds some AP to the character. The mage is a slow killer, it is vital to survive when farming.
    In my opinion the two main skills of a dragon mage are Blessing and Enchant Damage. These two skills must be mastered first. Dragon mage doesn't need a buff character so having own good buff is important. Also these two skills must be made Perfect as fast as possible. The next three skills to master are Dragon Roar, Inferno and Flying Talisman.
    The best friend of a mage is its mount. Mages must get war horse and military horse very fast because their development depends on it. The horse is increasing the damage and gives enough DEX to allow the mage to tank more. Without it the mage won't be able to kill anything, no matter how good the items and the skills are.
    For a mage the items must be decent, with much HP on them and with block of normal hits and later the chance to dodge arrows. This is because no matter how much a mage can tank, it kills so slow compared to other classes that it will receive much damage from piercing hits and will constantly be stunned while farming metins/bosses or while lv up. In lower lv any common items can do the job because they are cheap to make and when lv up the mage will need other items so there is pointless to invest the gold in special items with rarity. Let's say from lv 90 a mage can think to begin acquire great items because those items will become permanent. Also the quests will be more complicated and the runs will require an active mage with good items.
    Mages will need to get three skills to P - Leadership, Mining and Polymorph. On some runs the mages will only buff but on others they will be the key players to kill the bosses. The mining will work not only to get some gold but also will help others to collect the needed minerals for their accessories.

    Like any other class, mages can do pretty much everything. They can lv up themselves, they can kill metins and bosses and their buff is invaluable in dungeons. It is true it takes much more time in killing and lvling up but at higher lv it pays off all the work done until that point. Books are cheap, rarity items are also cheap. With enough work and dedication a mage can be very good in PvM. I have yet to see a good PvP dragon mage.
    I did some guides for dungeons and i described there what should dragon mages do in those runs. For PvP the mages have a slight disadvantage. They only deal magic damage and that damage is pretty low. Magic resistance, skill and mage resistance easily stops a magic attack. Even with good items and magic stone+6 the mage will not deal a decisive amount of damage. Also mages are not able to deal damage with normal hits and the use of a bell or a fan will not save the mage from a weapon sura or a body warrior. What can mages do is get good items to resist the damage and offer their buff to the fighters from own kingdom. Sometimes if the forces are kinda equal the buff can tip the balance in favor of one kingdom.

    By replying to this post players can add more information or can ask for more information.

  • Great posting Vyenna,

    dr. mage is the lowest pvp char but it makes a lot of fun in raid pvp, your mates love your buffs and your team get pushed + the most dont use vs mage items. spellspeed + crit can hurt :rocketlauncher: