Average Damage Calculator

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  • I know everyone, for PvM, wants a FMS or RIB with high average damage % or Poison Sword or Grudge Sword with high average damage %.

    But how is the % damage calculated?

    I know that an FMS+9 with 31% average damage does not mean that you take: (FMS damage) x (1.31) = Damage.

    The average damage seems to affect the Damage more.

    So now I have my question. Which can deal more damage at +6? Lion Sword(141-161) with 49% Damage or Poison Sword(163-203) with 31% Damage? Does anyone have a damage calculation formula they can share? Thank you guys!


  • the Averge Damage Basic on your damage from your character stats. so if u have

    500 Atack power . Aura of sword give you Additional 500 and you have weapon with 40% averge it look like this