[Feature] Lvl 55 pvm weapon, farming map2

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  • Hi all, first of all i would like to say that i am old casual player and i would say thanks for GM's to keep working with this (old) game with new updates. Awsome work there for new starters with upgraded quests and rewards..
    Anw, to get to my point, i would like to discuss here with all of you abt weapons. So, no need of bashing or disrespect just a casual talk abt my suggestion. So from my point of view as the current gameplay im stucked with fms... till lvl 75 where i shuld aquire poison sword. So my question would be if there is chance to make lvl 50-60 pvm weapon. I know you all can say go lvl up but that isnt my point.. as from lvl 60 where i am, atm my dmg is very low and i shuld go farming fms and make lvl 35 farmer which i have anw and farm changers till i get lucky with bonus dmg 40+. or i can buy that from uber farmers for lets say something between 5-20 won. Or i shuld just grind till lvl 75.
    Maybe with this weapon we can let newbies and newstarters to farm map 2 and maybe we can make a empty gap betwenn 50 - 75 lvl filled. Also i was able to see that there are red adders and changers and yet still i have no idea where to get em... + i dont understand why their price is similar to regular ones :dash: . Offcourse since im new i didnt read entire forum suggestion part to see if there is already something similar. If there is then im sorry . ^^
    I was asked from a frend what i would suggest to keep ksing a bit lower here so that would be my suggestion. No more uber low lvl farmers.. Another thing to farm and lets say lvl up. Newstarters can make lvl 50 and farm that weapon, new source of income, maybe if there is chance to make kingdom map 3 with more metins (my favorite) with those red 40-60lvl adders and changers. If i missed something pls be gentle because i made this in hurry :pleasantry:
    And offcourse sry for my english :)

  • Since we have the opportunity to farm green changers, 40avg really isn't that special anymore. and it's not even needed. to farm a 35avg ss+4 fms is already better than a lv65 weapon in pvm. so I don't see the need in adding a new weapon since it's easy to make a fms that provides more than enough damage til you can use a poison.

    i also don't see the connection between a new weapon and people not using of 35 farmers anymore?

    people are creating of 35 farmers because you can easily farm all the metins up to lv60 with decent pvm eq. we can drop many changers within a short period of time which is one of the best sources of money til you can farm the metins at the high level maps. the metins between lv 65 and 80 aren't really worth farming since you don't drop changers and the rate for +3 or +4 stones is just insignificantly (at least from my experience) higher than on metins up to level 60.

    it is already possible to farm all kinds of metins with lv35. and since orc maze is not good for money making and it was the main source of money in that range, level 55 farmers lost their value. excluding the moon event of course, but this thread was about farming in general which is mostly done by metins.

    And before people are calling me greedy because I attached it all to the money:
    I'm not and I just explained it the way it is. besides that, I'm farming the 65-80 metins too, because it's fun.
    but I also have a lv35 farmer, because farming these higher metins just don't have the appeal in comparison with the low level metins, because I'm still thrilled every time I drop a changer, something former gameforge players still have to pay real money for to this day.

    so that's my 2 cents. I hope I didn't drift away from the original question too much lol.

    greetings. :)

  • I personaly think that all level 30 weapons are somehow game breaking and they kill almost every weapon's purpose of the game.

    Not only their stats are too high for their level, but the way the average/skill bonus works makes them outclass any weapons, with the exceptions of level 65+ if the average/skill is low, while if is medium or even high, they can outclass any weapons in the game, including level 75 with not so high average, well pvm speaking of course.

    So creating a new kind of weapons is not ok in my opinion, the level 75 are ok since they are meant to be kinda end game weapons, but the level 30 aren't, and another similiar weapon will only make this gap worse.

    And about the damage, when you have a 40% average, you are really good. Having more will just make you save 20 or 30 seconds max, I don't see why some players get mad and frustrated by failing tons of stones +6 on a level 30 weapons, or wasting a lot of changers to get 40+ average, if you invest in a costume every 30 days or a pet ever 120 days, you have the same results, with just 1% of the golds you would waste on stones / changers.

    Everybody plays as they like of course but these are precious advices :)

  • Everything you both said is ok.. all stands, but im talking from my point of view...(new comer) This game is old non the less, but as Shadow said is my opinion aswell, those fms break all weapons till lvl 65 or 75 cuz honestly no one will make lvl 65 weapon for pvm. So basicly in the game now you have or lvl 35 farmers or 80+ .... Due to low lvls metins i think they implemented green changers drop for newcomers to stand up and earn gold so they can advance, but unfortunatly high lvls see oportunity and exploit that . Ok, its not forbidden but still we facing ksing issues and quitting of newcomers. So there is gap between 35 and 75 lvl. As Shadow said it is kinda "stupid" to make +6 stones in fms but yet on another hand those fms with 40+ dmg can outclass regular poison... so fms still rules... My thoughts abt suggestion is that possibly with new weapon ppl start to lvl up because in every mmorpg game lvl up is rewarding with new items and specially weapons and armors. I cant say what would results be with this, and i know there is not coming back from this so it is though decision. But as a old player i always hated all armors and weapons because they where in the end useless. So there were only fms, lvl 34 armor, lvl 66 armor, lvl 65 or lvl 75 weapon. Those special armors were also lvl 48 because 3 sockets. And that was all.
    Abt weapon maybe there can be variations made. Maybe 30% max dmg, lower atack speed...


    i also don't see the connection between a new weapon and people not using of 35 farmers anymore?people are creating of 35 farmers because you can easily farm all themetins up to lv60 with decent pvm eq. we can drop many changers within ashort period of time which is one of the best sources of money til youcan farm the metins at the high level maps. the metins between lv 65 and80 aren't really worth farming since you don't drop changers and therate for +3 or +4 stones is just insignificantly (at least from myexperience) higher than on metins up to level 60.

    Ppl would use lvl 50 or lvl 60 lvl farmers? Ppl would lvl up? High lvls wouldnt make 35 lvl farmers? That gap would be diminished.. so either way
    there would be more place for 35lvl farmers and opening of 50+ lvl farmers. And u said it good.. for u as a high player is better to farm low lvls metins cuz of changers and income... now try to put urself in newcomer situation... you try to farm in map 2 and u search 10 -30 min for metin... your are still weak cuz you started ofc... and then u find metin of black... and then comes uber farmer and ks u in lets say 10 sec metin gone.. would u be happy abt that? i dont think so..

    but back to main point...

    I think it would stretch a little all that negativity with ksing and ppl would have more choice of development...

  • First of all, my Main is lv60 :D and I don't ks. well very rarely at least.

    but a new weapon wouldn't make people level up.the fact that there are more of 35 farmers than 55 farmers (supposedly) is not because there isn't a 55 weapon. it's because it's just a better way to make money.

    if only the level 50-70 metins would drop changers, guess what level all the farmers would be?

    And before they added changers as a metin drop and when orkmaze was still a thing, all the farmers had 55 maze farmers. and we didn't have a 55 weapon. ;)

    so long story short: it's not the lack of weapons, it's the lack of appropriate drops in a certain level range that cause an overflow of 35 farmers.

    ps: creating a farmer has nothing to do with exploiting. that's how people play and have always played metin2 and actually every other game.