Bonuses and stones for FMS

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  • Hello guys,

    I bought 1 fms clean +0 mystic with 8% plus avg, add 5th bonus and I was so lucky that with only 2 changers I got these bonuses:

    (and of course the 8% plus avg)

    the fms is +2 and clean from stones, of course first I'll go for stones just to have the free clean if they break. my questions are:
    1)Do I have to keep rolling the bonuses? (we have 10crit its like a second crit stone and of course 43% total avg and good farm bonuses)
    2)Should I go for +6 stones with 80%, with 30% or should I go for just simple +5 stones? (I'm 37lv blade sura farmer don't know you tell me if it's worth)

  • I personally wouldn't put +6 stones in a fms with less than 50 avg tbh

    Actually I wouldn't put+5 stones into it either because let's be real, you'd spent hundreds of kk for it and +5 stones aren't worth the 80% item. let others do the work lmaooo. imo it's the most efficient way to buy a fms with nice avg and stones attached.

    greetings :)