Questions about dragon alchemy

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  • iRiCO

    ok nvm everythings fine

  • iRiCO

    ok thx, and how can i deactivate lock&ready ?:D

  • [CoMa]Shadow

  • iRiCO

    hi can anyone tell me, where i can download the client ?:ü

  • Iba

    And the prices are?

  • SuraMain

    yip i would say spirit blessing but blue changer are the most expensive one that everyone can buy easily ^^

  • Iba

    What about spirit blessing?

  • KillerBambi

    Blue changers Iba

  • Iba

    A question: most valuable items in the mall?

  • Iba

    Hi guys!

  • Jese


  • Thoreau

    Even if it goes to 5kk, it's a great price for a changer for mid-end tier items.

  • Thoreau

    I didn't see that post. Thanks.

  • MrSoon

    price won't go that low

  • SirPic

    Judging by this salty post by Shiva "Good, max one month and red changers to 2,5kk each."... you know

  • Thoreau

    What are "new drops" from metins? Does anyone know?

  • Jovisa

    how much is orc maze cd any 1 know ?

  • [CoMa]Shadow

    Server on!

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    Solo DT in 2k18? Teach me pls

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    . . .

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  • Hey, today i've made a legendary dragon diamond, but unfortunately its has only +5int, 5%ice res and 45magic attack value. And my questions are :
    1) If i want to change these stones stats then i need 4 legendary diamonds, then upgrade the clarity grade? Then these 4 diamonds will transform into 1 legendaary diamond LOW (second level of clarity grade) and it will have new random stats?
    2)Can clarity grade upgrade fail? I mean if i have 4 legendary minor stones +0 with crap stats, then want to have better stats by upgrading clarity grade and it fails and i leave with nothing, its kind of sheit
    3)If i have for example legendary dragon ruby (minor) +0 and its stats are : avg damage, attack value, avg dmg res and defence, then if i want to increase value of these stats, becasue at +0 its all 1%, then i use those beans. Can it fail too? If so, do i lose everything?
    4)Is there a maximum amount of bonuses a legendary minor stone can have? I mean - can i create a legendary dragon ruby +0 which will have 6 total stats -strenght, fire res, avg dmg, avg res, defence, attack value
    Thanks for all answers :)

  • 1) It will get new stats and also they will be higher. 2) It can fail yes, it's kinda risky, but as a piece of advice unless you are super rich, farm a lot, or really want the best you shouldn't worry about clarity. You may check wiki, I believe other server's wiki provide information about the alchemy stones and from what I remmember there isn't a big difference between "clear" and "unclear" stones *for example the blue one provides resist and vs a class so while low clarity+4 will provide something like 5% the max clarity+4 might provide 8%*. It's up to you now if it's worth wasting so many legendaries an ld risking so much just for some extra bonuses that are a lil higher. 3) Using beans you increase the % of the bonuses in case you fail you only get downgraded by one "+" it works just like upgrading items using a blessing scroll. Max + is 4 and I also made 1 legendary stone myself quite easy, only a few fails. 4) I believe the max stats a stone can have it's related to it's clarity level. If you check wikis you will notice each stone has like 6 or more stats availible but for instance a low clarity will only have 3 or 4 max or something like that. So if you want max stats you just get lots of legendaries of the same colour and go for the clarity and hope to get lucky ( first by succeding and then getting the right stats ). Preferably pvp/pvm and not mixed as I said there are many possible for each colour and even with a maxed stone you won't have all the availible stats. Hope I helped, you may also check youtube, by now it's full of people upgrading their alchemy stones. Good luck!

    The game must be a girl cuz im always in it.

  • Hmm thanks for answer. According to wiki any legendary stone can have up to 5stats (including 2 build in ones - like str and earth res). So i guess legend stones with bad stats, ill just sell to someone who wants to try upgrading clarity grade and myself ill just hope to get legend minor with 5stats and then just make it +4.

    By the way, dont you guys think that 4 legend to upgrade clarity grade is too high? On gf servers its always 2. I think that either decrease the number of stones needed in upgrading clarity grade or at least make it 100% succes. Id smash something if i got 4legends and they all would just disappear when trying to upgrade lol

  • in gf server i think dss stones r in mall, so they make them easy. And clarity upgrade here is 4-3-2-1-1 for perfect clarity grade legendary dss. I have already made one 3rd level class dss, too bad it was just with 2 base stats. But the problem come upgrading lower clarity grade dss, they fail a lot with green dragon beans :D. And as sirpic said better keep mirror clarity grade dss if it have good stats, etc red with avg dmg ,avg res and attack value (its worth 2-3kkk atm maybe more). + from low clarity grade not much dif, but as i told to upgrade till +4 way harder with green beans.