[ CHANGE ] Removing fishes from budokan

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  • EmyEmy

    TY tary <3 :))

  • [SMOD]Tary

    Fishing Extravaganza Results are out! Fishing Extravaganza (Sat, Dec 15th 2018, 3:00 pm - 4:00 pm)

  • L0lu

    There is a bug with the images of the hairstyles in the mall on the "Permanent hairstyles" section. They just don't load

  • EmyEmy

    :cursing: :cursing: :cursing: :dash:

  • [CoMa]Shadow

    The first two bio quests are without cooldown since a couple of years. As for the text error we will correct it soon.

  • L0lu

    ah ok, ty for info :D

  • Onyekuru

    30-40 lvl bios dont have cooldown time

  • L0lu

    Which is not true from what I know

  • L0lu

    Also, there is a wrong description while using soul stone. It is said something like that "When your char lvl is 50 or above and you'll be killed by player from your kingdom, there is a chance of dropping items"

  • L0lu

    I mean I didn't have any cd between them, I just gave them 1 by 1.

  • L0lu

    Shadow Is it a normal thing that i gave to the Biologi 9 curse books in 1-2 minutes without using red monocle?

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    wtb a bws with certain rarity stats --> BUY BWS 5skres + xxx

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    wassup? :P

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    i saw it thanks, i have limited access to forum atm as im @ work xD

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    Done. :)

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    Elspeth i need your help can you spare 5 minutes pls?

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    You are right ;( :( :( :( ;(

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    christmas wont help an unhappy person

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  • So as the title says, i believe it's pointless to allow using of fishes in budokan.

    First of all, if liquids are not allowed, why would fishes be ?

    Secondly, chance to poison on items becomes pretty much useless. Same goes for poison skills and chance to fire from mages.

    Finally, it is pointless to have stats like chance to poison / fire chance in items / skills since both players can spam perches.

    So, in the end, it will be just about who has more perches and it is stupid to have this kind of "run", i.e. "run to find the most fishes", especially because budokan is every week. Also, using fishes doesn't bring any benefit to the staff aswell since it has nothing to do with tec points.

    Furthermore, as everyone already noticed, duels become stupidly long ( like 3-5 minutes ) and just imagine duels like body vs mage. Senseless.

    These are my arguments. Shoot me with feedback.

  • hey. as a user of fishes im against ur suggestion.

    on which category you joining budokan so that fishes bothers you ?
    There arent many fishes so if you dont go fishing you wont have every week unless you find some in market.

    I see Budokan as showing the strongest and completed fighter weekly so in my opinion they should stay.


    Never gave in
    Never gave up
    Im the only thing im afraid of.


  • I'd like to bring this post up since it didn't have that much discussion in the first place and it's an important topic.

    I agree with all the points made by Nature2 and I'd like to add a few things.

    1) First of all, duels are long and have many poisoning moments in which you are forced to use multiple perchs (since poison is so important, you pretty much have 0 chance if you don't have them), and every perch trades now at about 5kk, and it's quite rare to find. If you have a budokan where 5-6 people join, it is enough people for the winning player to have to participate in 3 rounds. It's really not a joke to say you spend 6-7 perchs per duel, at least. So what this means is that, even if the player wins, he had to spend around 100kk (only on perchs) for mere participation? He doesn't even break-even with the prize he gets, not even close. This clearly doesn't prove "who is the strongest and completed" fighter - in my opinion it hasn't even anything to do with that. This is like a "fee" you pay to even join the event.

    2) Also, it makes it unfair for Assassins or people with poison equipment, as Nature2 mentioned. You can claim I'm biased since my main is an Assassin, however I'm trying to be impartial here, and I think that is obvious that 1v1 in this server is quite broken for every class and the team will probably reformulate it. However, I'd like to state that the Assassin class was built with poisoning chance for a reason, it's one of their signature strengths, and what you give with 1 hand you take with the other, so when this game was developed, if they hadn't put poisoning chance on the Assassin's Skills, they would compensate by, for example, increasing their skill damage or with a different buff. My point is, the assassin class is weaker on other aspects because it has poisoning chance, and having a fish like this completely removes this slight advantage. Also, I'm not even sure if this advantage existed after all - this server has a poisoning pet always available which already takes away this advantage, so other classes are already being benefited comparing to the initial version of the game.

    3) Adding to what Nature2 said about the liquids, doesn't make any sense to me to remove boosters (such as the Blue Liquid) that would cause both players to take out more 5-10% of the opponent's HP if we compare Using VS Not Using situations, and then allowing a fish that pretty much gives a 60-70% HP advantage if one player uses and the other doesn't.

    4) Finally, the biggest problem of not participating in the budokan are still the egos that exist, yes, but that's not related to this discussion. Even if a player has the most genuine intention in the world to join for fun, he is forced to spend 50-100kk to do 2-3 duels? If he opts not to spend this money, he has 0 chance, so the duel is not minimally competitive or fun, because we are talking about an item that makes all the difference in the world in the current 1v1 context of this server. If you give me the option to choose between A) A Potion that doubles your initial Max HP but you cannot use Perchs or B) 20x Perchs, I have no doubt that my answer will be B !

    I'm currently lv105 and will stay this level for a while, so actually having Perchs benefits me A LOT if I want to duel a lv111-120 player. Therefore, I'm not trying to get this removed to have a chance against the best PvPers on the server in budokan, it's just to make minimal sense - if I want to duel a lv120, I have to level up to lv115 to be able to poison him, and until that level, with the relevance of poison in this server, i should have NO chance against these players. So having such a silly fish also takes away most of the advantage of leveling up, and it's unfair for higher level players. So maybe, just maybe removing this fish will make more people joining budokan.

    It's not fun to fish for 10 hours to get enough perchs for 2-3 duels !

  • I see Budokan as showing the strongest and completed fighter weekly so in my opinion they should stay.

    In a event where certain things aren't allowed while some other things like fishes are allowed you cannot talk about completeness of a character nor the strenght.

  • What about putting a cooldown in Perch usage? I would suggest 30 seconds.

    Probably Assassin classes, especially the Archer, would be overpowered if he just used a poison arrow and then run around forever. No other class has a ranged weapon like the bow that can do Hits and therefore poison, so the only way for Warriors, Suras or Mages to poison people would be to catch them with hits, which they can only do if the other class stops to hit or skill, and in the running archers' case they wouldn't have an incentive to do so. The root of the problem is still poison being so relevant in duels, it accounts for probably 50%+ of HP taken in some duels when this value shouldn't ever pass the 25-30% mark, but that cannot be solved.