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  • My dear community,
    i want to ask everyone of you about his opportunity about the following:
    Today i made a devils catacomb run with a lvl 75 Mage(Pagan) from my Guild and a guy asked politely to join us cause he wants to see what the run is about. So i invited him. :beer:

    Here is the Problem:
    As 3 Players making a run about 1h we dropped an MPP+4 (Sura armor 66) a dark Lords Fang and an Stone craft book :dash: ;(
    ====> i think it should be changed that, for every IP that joined into the group/run the bosses should drop should be increased by 1 item with a small chance.
    This chance gets higher as more players join the group.
    For example: 8 players = 8 chances to drop another item.

    That doesnt mean that the bosses should drop 8 items which have a high value, but at least it would increase the chance of dropping something that is actually worth enough to be profit for e.g. 8 players. This would also allow veteran players to help out smaller/newer players.
    Every item like Stone craft book can only dropped once per boss. Each ip has a chance to drop nothing, like you go for 8 players and you only drop 5 items. This means that the maximum loot of a group of 8 players are 8 items, but not 2 times the same item on 1 boss.

    It would guarantee that higher level players doestn have an disadvantage of running with lower geared players. Also the lower geard players have a chance of dropping something to make them earn money even if they dont do a high amound of damage.

    To make the better geared players not having an disadvantage from taking new players with them, the party leader should get an quest before the runs start and if the run is succesfully he gets an reward depending on how many players he took with him.
    For example: 3players->> monster+3
    7players->>´master compas

    The Update is made that people work together, which should be rewarded with a decent loot unlike right now, where running in a bigger group turns out to be a massive waste of time because people end up with no drops at all. :pillepalle:

    This is my opinion and i would like you guys to share, what you think about the current situation. :phatgrin:
    Cheers and Best Regards

  • If you all agree to remove multi accounts, hence you can play on this server only with 1 account, this can be done and will be done. But with the current settings it can't, because it will be an exploit fest. If you know that with 8 characters the drops is multiplied by 8, you will just find some loophole to log 8 characters, even if those who does the run are 1 or 2, to get advantage of the drops.

    If everybody has only 1 playable account this will not be a problem, but currently there are players with 10 or even 20 high level characters, they can simply log 1 character to increase the drop of your run, and play normaly with their main at the same time, after all the character just need to stay online and not participate on the run.

    The point of the dungeon is that either you go in party or you don't go at all. And it was like this since the first day of Metin2, it sounds awful now because the community is spoiled, but with the IP block things will return normal :)

  • Yeah you´re right, i didnt thought about that. the part with the afk chars into the dungeon doesnt came to my mind so i just missed this though.

    But Shadow, i would offizial indroduce myself as the ip police and check if someone does afk runs :sniper:

    But i think when we just make the Ip block, the onlineplayer will be dereasing more and more cause you always have to search for buff now. Sure, the community play will raise but there are only 10 players left then :hmm:

    Is it possible that an IP blocker is only active if 1 char is in an Dungeon?
    Like when i do azrael with char 1 i cant log another?
    But still can farm into hl2 or other maps with my main and mage?

    Cheers and best Regards

  • Despite the fact that few high levels have the tendency to claim the server is losing a lot of people or closing after every changes they dislike, it is not so.

    The players are not decreasing, they are raising actually and every active player can see this just by playing during the peak times, is not a matter of numbers only, is visible.

    The game is not just Dungeons, if you need time to find a buffer, you will not do a Run but certanly you won't quit playing. After all is a fact that all the players who complained are still playing today. The quitting threats doesn't work.

    I don't quite understand your question, but I believe the system is fine like it is.

  • When i can put my 4 Highest chars to one account, you can remove Multiacc. :D

    Why not making runs harder, that you need 7-8 Active Player's to succes the run?

    It would be make much Fun to do a run with 8 Players and you could raise the drop, that every IP dropp his own dropp, because nobody can invite AFK Characters, because they will will fail the run when not all 8 Players Active.

    And raise Cooldown Time from every Run. So the market will not get flooded by the Items from a run. :thumbsup:

  • The problem with sharing drops from a run to more players has a simple solution: repeat the run until every member gets his share. Catacombs is pretty easy and it doesn't have any cooldown. You go in 3, make 3 runs.

    Multi accounts is fine in my opinion, there are many things to farm which new players alway miss. Also, mining in maps with aggressive monsters makes a good use of the wedding ring.

    @BuffMausal, it is so touching you consider increasing the difficulty of dungeons a better option only to see way better drops. I have to wonder myself why this idea didn't come into your mind earlier, like two years ago, when you were learning to play. Isn't this a way to create a monopoly in the market and prevent new players from catching your position? Or you want me to believe experienced players will consider to fail the run by accepting new players in their ranks?

  • @Vyenna
    It was only a suggestion.

    Since the IP-Block i do not make run's. The only what i do is Lv up and killing some 110/120 Metins xD
    Which Position should they catch from me?

    2 year ago, there was no IP block and every Player was able to do every Run Solo.

    When the Runs would be harder, the Player which makes now runs with 2 ppl(War and Mage) must search for 6 other Players. So it would Easier for new People to find a Group.

    Atm it is so when you play Buff, any lv 100 Player will take you in grp, give you 20kk(for each run) and he get all dropps. When you be War/Sura/Sin nobody will make a run with you

  • If you all agree to remove multi accounts, hence you can play on this server only with 1 account, this can be done and will be done.

    To be honest I don't think anyone, let alone everyone agreed to IP block for dungeons and moonlight formula change, yet you still changed it so I wouldn't be surprised if at some point we'll see a 1 account only thing.

  • To be honest I don't think anyone, let alone everyone agreed to IP block for dungeons and moonlight formula change, yet you still changed it so I wouldn't be surprised if at some point we'll see a 1 account only thing.

    If we had to make changes only when everybody agrees, you wouldn't have a game to play at all :)

    Also the comparison between preventing you to play with several accounts at the same time or different accounts in general is not the same as forcing a dungeon to have at least two different human beings on it or giving more drops from high level monsters.

  • 1 account rule would be terrible... its fun to play many classes and you can't even do that on 1 account... its 2017, where every modern game allows several accounts, lets not joke around with this...

    The dungeon changes made sense, lets force some team play, but i don't want to look for others while leveling up (using a buff) What if no one is on at the times im playing etc?