[FEATURE] Achievement system and Title System

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  • alerosi93

    Creation of one scroll for fail up in mall?

  • Snipas

    oh the hunter's hour xD

  • PrometheusX

    Hunter's Hour was 13 days ago he meant

  • Snipas

    what was 13 days ago?

  • [CoMa]Shadow

    It was 13 days ago

  • namcontrol

    When is hunter hour?It's not listed in the calendar.

  • Snipas

    yep, and it will be great to farm certain places, like HL2

  • PrometheusX

    after the pierce change, players no longer will be punished(especially in PVP) for having high defense

  • Snipas

    Shadow actually posted some tests on the MENTAL WARRIOR TWEAKS thread

  • Snipas

    what always been, when pierce happens its addming the defense to you damage, so if you deal 1000dmg and target has 100 defense and you pierce you give 1100dmg instead of the suposed 1000

  • jureczek

    What is bad with pierce?

  • Snipas

    Shadow do you have a planned time for the pierce dmg fix? or still on the workbench?

  • alerosi93

    any scrool for fail the up?

  • kamicolo

    Tary put on forum at 20 gmt but he write wrong day

  • Dark

    there is no spawn metin event ?

  • Technologic

    u can drop 50% spirit blessing on highlvl

  • Levioh

    Sorry my bad :crazy:

  • deathpool

    50% stones? never saw one

  • Vyenna

    Lv 85 and 90 metin stones always had 6% chance to drop red changer, nothing is changed

  • kamicolo

    forum lotery, fishinf extravaganza?

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  • Hey all i was thinking about this idea quite awhile although i dont have names or the achievements yet or the rewards for each gotten achievement from players here's how it could look:


    Finish all bio quest achievement:

    Achievement name:

    "Master of inner spirit"

    Achievement reward:

    -either gold
    -free mall item
    -some rare box or whatever

    Also completing the achievement earns you the title also which can be equipped by the player and would show in the game like this:


    so for example:

    Master of Inner Spirit
    Lv 1 LaceyMadskirt

    So equipping this specific title gives you for example:
    +200 Hp and +80 SP as long you have equipped the title

    Dungeon completeion achievements

    Ice run completed for the first time:

    Achievement name:

    "Master of the Water Crystal"

    Rewards same as all other higher lvl achievements depends on level of player

    Title name:

    "Master Of The Water Crystal"

    Title effect:

    +5 or 10 % strength vs mob, +500 HP

    Also completeing all other dungeons DT BlueDeath, Flame Run gives you same stats but different title name.

    So anyways this was just example/idea how could look it doesnt mean i would want these kind of stats/rewards to appear in game but it could bring more fun stuff to metin 2 :).

  • Old system, used on p-servers.

    Useless. Only people that play games for trophies and achievements will like it, and I doubt anyone is playing metin2 for that.

    Not to mention you want to give rewards on top of the current rewards.

    Stop making these suggestions, there are 100 other things that could actually improve the server, your ideas are things that developer team could do when they're bored and every bug and feature is fixed and implemented and that's not the case.

    There are more important things right now and they're still NOT implemented. Example?

    Items drop Mystic,Epic,Legendary...
    [CHANGE] Stackable items
    [FEATURE] Shopfinder
    Change Orc Maze
    Boss Drops

    Any many more. There is a lot to be done yet you come with ideas like metin2 on steam, or weaher system in metin2. With all due respect, there are better things that the developer team could use their time on.

  • This suggestion was the first i mentioned and i didnt knew about p-server thingy...
    And for your example if i havent made the topic for Shopfinder you wouldn't include it here in your argument so no i wouldn't stop making suggestions its a freedom of speech and im always happy to share my ideas...i also shared idea for offline shop nearly 2 years ago and now we have it im not saying it came from my idea but i guess it seems like it.

  • The shop filter isn't "your idea" because it's present on p-servers. It was suggested way before you came here too. ShopBox was meant to happen, suggested or not.

    It's not like I wouldn't bring it up here if it weren't for you, your thread was just on page 1 or 2 so I didn't bother looking for the first one.

    Next time just use search because your ideas were already suggested and the rest of them is just useless.

    I'm not saying you can't post them, and I'm not saying I have something againist you posting. Just if you use your time on thinking, think how to improve the server, not how to add something that nobody but you needs and wants.

    All I am trying to say 95% of your suggestions are useless, I comment just right now because maybe you trully believe they're good suggestions - they are not; if you want to contibute to the server think of something that will help everyone and help the server.

  • I never said they are good suggestions >_> i just shared the idea's...and you cant find anymore my first post because it was on old forum. The ideas are here to be read upon and deciding if they'll be accepted or not...

    If you got better ideas why dont you write them if you think that way...no one's stopping you...

  • The ideas I have are too complex and time-consuming, I even designed a whole raid and posted it here. I just know it's metin2 and there is no point in things like that. There are many things that need to be improved, we don't need to bloat ihis game with weather system and so on.

    A few of them I posted in my first post, there are many more that are very good suggestions.