[CHANGE] Extend item affiliation on drop.

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  • Lacex54

    Never Mess with the wolfs ~ Lacex54

  • Lacex54

    I still respect you. No matter what in my eyes you are a good Worker really 100% always for the server

  • Lacex54

    Consequences? Man you also said i sold items to Jordan als Diggachen i Never played with that guy in my life

  • [CoMa]Shadow

    cause having a flamer on the forum is not ok and all your posts on every thread are toxic

  • [CoMa]Shadow

    You must deal with the consequences of your actions. Now the thing is pretty simple, start over or go elsewhere

  • Lacex54

    Ye iam also a human just a bigger human then some others i cant wait evryday for your good mood

  • [CoMa]Shadow

    You just admitted you did rmt for 2 years i don't see what you expect now :)

  • Lacex54

    I explained you its not possible taking Money back and you ignored me so

  • Lacex54

    Then you said Take the money back her your main back

  • [CoMa]Shadow

    2 years or 10 years, we got you now

  • Lacex54

    Deal was give me your Transactions and have your main back

  • Lacex54

    You Never got me Mark since 2 years never i gave you my infos on my own because i didnt thought i could get banned for That

  • [CoMa]Shadow

    you are just mad because we got you

  • [CoMa]Shadow

    And again, you can't blame us for not getting every players who does rmt, we try our best but we are human

  • Lacex54

    Ye thats why i was always quiet even when you banned me i was quiet i wont care for rmt its something that will always exist no matter what

  • [CoMa]Shadow

    Tickets are free anyway, so give it a shot if you ever change your mind

  • [CoMa]Shadow

    If this is what you think then no point discussing

  • [CoMa]Shadow

    Your ban was done with proof, you gave us additional evidences but doesn't mean we had no proofs.

  • Lacex54

    But Not worth wasting time because iam sure 100% you wouldnt do anything

  • [CoMa]Shadow

    Some players get banned because someone cares enough to report with evidences, while some other player, like yourself, are hypocrite and doesn't report unless they get banned :)

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  • What I mean by that is just longer period of time for that name over your item that you dropped. It happens mostly during events when people kill metins, other stay next to them and before I pick everything up that person is stealing items that I dropped. I can't do anything about it because it doesn't have my name on it. Why not make it longer? On moonlight boxes drop it lasts like forever while from metins and monsters it lasts like few seconds. It would assure that my drop I picked up by me and only by me. Many people exploit events this way. Metins, moonlight boxes, any other event that allows you to drop many items in crowded places is affected by that sole fact. I don't think making this timer for example 30 seconds or even 1 minute would be problematic since it already happens for WAY longer on moonlight boxes drop.

  • +1
    like this idea :thumbsup:

    Kingdom: Elgoria
    lSilvesterKINGl (Lv115 / WeaponSura)
    lSilvesterQUEENl (Lv 115 / Archer)
    BuffMausal (Lv 101 / DragonMage)

    And ALL Characters in the Guild......GoAwayMyRoom.....(Kingdom: Elgoria) :shit:

    REMOVE IP-BLOCK :banned:

  • Fight? A level 20 character that is there ONLY to steal boxes or drop? What kind of "fight" is it? Plus why would I waste my HKP. But since you say I should "fight" for my loot then make the same for moonlights. I don't understand why then we have such a long timer on moonlight boxes.

  • Because what you players seems to ignore and not appreicate, is that the drop rate here is higher, so high that it creates this problem. When you break a metin and you get 10 drops, is normal that you can't pick them up in 10 seconds, because you should drop 3 or 4 items max, not 10.

  • So reduce that "extra" drop. Plus I mentioned in my other thread that extra drop is usually useless. It only obstructs my ability to pick up the item I want. Before I pick up the item I need I have to pick up other crap and by that time the timer with my name on it is over. All I care about from a metin is a book and stone, sometimes TOF and I don't care if I drop 7 other items that I don't ever need anyway. When it comes to higher level metins it's even worse, because they drop so much it takes literally 30 seconds to pick up the item I actually want.

    It's not about making game easier, I know you don't like that concept. It's only to make user interface and experience clearer.

  • Are you trying to tell me that anybody ever has picked up a lvl 45+3 bow from a metin? Stop insulting me, get real. Longer duration timer already exists on moonlight boxes loot. For what reason and why not to implement it to all other drops?

  • You have a mouse, use it. You can just click on the yellow name you want and pick it up.

    Besides you are quite funny, if we reduce the drop, you won't have any problems to pick up what you want, but sadly 9 out of 10 times you will pick up the same item that obstracts you from collecting the item that you want.

    When it comes to high level metin there is no level 20 around you, so i don't see the problem if you use 10 seconds of your time collecting all the drops you get, unless the problem are the people who might steal your metin, which is the case why we won't raise the duration of your name on the item.

  • Since you reject the most logical solution I offer another. Reduce loot. There are level 20s when there is event. Every single time I get my loot stolen during it and laughted straight in my face because loot "just is there" without my name on it.

    Do you even read what I write Shadow? I can't pick my items with mouse because some of them are larger than other and obstruct the ability to pick them up. You still didn't even answer my question that I asked multiple times. What's the purpose of moonlight boxes loot being so long on the ground then?

    You didn't give any real reason why it's bad idea to implement it. It wouldn't make gameplay easier, it would make life easier.

  • Try to moderate your tone. It is stated on the rules clearly that if your suggestion is not accepted you can crash your head on the wall, curse to the sky, throw the keyboard on the floor, but never give hard time to the Admins.

    Moving on, I already said that raising the time will just reduce the pvp. Why should we give you additional protection on the farming? There is no penalty when you die from a player, if we raise the time of the loot you can just stay there, getting some hit or run a bit around to avoid major damage and collect all the loot in peace, killing the attempt of anybody who tried to rob your loot, which is part of the game.

    Why the moonlight is a bit longer? I don't know, you often mistake that i created this game lol. Does it create the same issues? No because it is 99% a drop from a monster which may drop you just 2 items at once. So even if the name is 1 second or 200 seconds, you won't have troubles to pick it up.

  • My tone is calm. You're the one ( you were ) ignoring my question. I know the rules and I'm not trying to rush through with my idea telling you to implement it. You think it's bad? Good. Just explain why not. You're a community manager for christ's sake. I fail to understand why you're so rude towards everyone like we did something bad to you while all we do is ask questions.

    I understand it may be annoying to get asked the same questions over and over again but as a community manager you're the face of the game, you must know it because I know for a fact you're pretty smart; if you weren't you wouldn't be on your position but you seem to forget that people are just people and they are bound to ask questions which you should answer since you're the one with the "most" amount of power when it comes to communication between players.

  • I am not rude, some of you are just too arrogant to think they matter more than the others and that their ideas must be done at all costs. It is not like this. If it is a good idea we implement it, if it is bad we don't. And we are not forced to give explanations about it, I just do it out of courtesy but maybe i shouldn't as it seems that whenever I say we won't do it, it wounds you deeply. Just for the record i answered your question on the first post, of why i don't want to raise the time, but you just don't want a no as answer so it seems.

    To describe better your attitude, and the attitude of similiar players who argue with me on this section, is the same as a little kid who screams and roll on the floor because his mother doesn't buy the candy he just saw. I am not rude for denying you the candy, you are the one rude for not accepting the no.

    I don't have any problem to answer a question 1000 times, what bothers me is saying no to the same question 1000 times, in less than 10 minutes.

  • You fail to recognise that people might not agree with you. In this case I don't agree because you seem to think we play in a sterile environment that you created and all players obey rules you created. In fact that's not true. I killed probably more than 10,000 metins easily and I got involved into pvp maybe 5 times during that time only because I was on my farmer and I was weaker obviously. In addition I posted more suggestions that are more or less connected to each other and either of them would improve our gameplay.

    i don't consider anyone superior, especially myself. It's just that I simply don't agree with you and by the question I meant moonlightboxes which you at first ignored. If I don't agree with you does it mean I don't respect you? Wrong. And I told you I understood that this suggestion is considered bad by you and I'm not forcing or even trying to force it on you.

    Also it's the behaviour I'm talking about. "I don't need to answer question, it's out of my politness". As a community manager it's your job to communicate with players and answer their questions and let's be frank - there is very little trafic on forums; it's nothing compared to the real gameplay. People ask the same questions for that reason. Also they ask because there is no FAQ section on your site. Maybe just make one? You know, that tab on main site where you can click on "MEDIA" and "THE GAME" and so on. Putting FAQ somewhere there would be neat. Of course it wouldn't end all questions because many people don't even visit the site but those coming to forums would see FAQ section anyway.

  • Your problem is that you compare me and you on the same level. We are not. You are a player and i am an Admin. We are not two players discussing about an idea. We do not need to go along or agree. You can give suggestions, but the final word on it, is mine. And this should not be a reason to argue with me like you are doing and you did a lot of times. My patience is not endless.

    "My suggestion was not accepted? Too bad, I will try with another"

    This is the attitude that you must have. Which is completly different from the attitude that you have now.


    Also it's the behaviour I'm talking about. "I don't need to answer question, it's out of my politness". As a community manager it's your job to communicate with players and answer their questions and let's be frank - there is very little trafic on forums; it's nothing compared to the real gameplay.

    We do not need to answer every questions that you make regarding our business choices. You are a customer not an investor. And this is another thing that you don't have clear in your mind. If you suggest something and we don't want to do it because for example it will make us lose money, we are not forced to give this reason to you. We can simply tell you that we won't do it or even not tell anything at all and this should not be a reason to debate or argue with the Admin.

    So yes, most of the times we answers things that we shouldn't even answer, actually things that the players shouldn't even ask because they don't have to know it.

    I told you already, I don't mind answering your questions, I just think that answering once is enough :)