I'm stuck . Need your opinion

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  • Hello everybody ! :D
    Firstly i don't even know if it's acceptable to do this kind of thread on this section , so I'm sorry in advance!

    Well , I'm back playing on this server after a 2-3 year break and I want to tell you that A LOT have changed.
    Back in the day , when i had more than 50-70kk i felt like i was so rich and have lots of opportunities with them
    Now i have around 150-200kk combined from each account and i still think i have only 10% of what i need.

    I need your opinion and advices on this concern :I m stuck and i don't know what to do and what to concentrate on .

    1 )My main character (that i was playing with 2-3years ago ) is a level 70 Mental Warrior with Taichi P / Spirit Strike M9 / Lion Stomp M7 / Tiger Bash M9
    Fully equiped with my best equipment i have 889 Defence but only 686-804 attack . Therefore i find it difficult to farm anything with this character .

    As for the equipment , this is what i have :
    -Electromagnetic +9 with 10%crit / orcs+20 / undead+10% / Animals+6% /Demi-Human +5% with 3 stones4

    -BSA +7 with 1500HP / Fan defence 6% / 5% HP absorb / 5% SP absorb / Lightning Resistance 15% with 1 stone

    -Fear Mask+5 Clean

    -LES+9 with INT+12 / Esoteric/Orcs/Undead all+10%

    -HTB+6 with 10%absorbed HP / 10% strong against devil / 20% strong against orcs / 50SP

    -EE+9 with 20% drop items and 3 other mediocre stats

    -WGN +7 with 2000HP / 3% Critical hit / HP regen +12% / 8% Double gold chance

    -Phoenix Shoes+6 with 2000HP / 3% Critical Hit / Dagger/Fan&defence+10% both / 10SP

    2) I had also an old farm level 35 which i used to farm map 2 metins and FMS ( basic farmer with armored horse with M1/M1 on Aura and Berserk
    3)I also had an old Weapon Sura which is level 61 ( i used to attack level 55/60 metins with him ) but it's rather slow attacking
    I'm using a level 61 sura armour +7 with 1500hp and another 4 bonuses and a FMS+9 with 30% avg. The other eq i switch from the mental character.

    And now that I' m back i managed to make another Body Warrior which I intend to make him my 2nd main character . He is already level 53 with M4 Aura of Sword / M3 Berserk / M2 Whirlwind . His eqipment is not very good ( level 34 armour+8 with bonuses ) , FMS with 30% from Sura account and some fully bonuses equipment under level 40 . I used to farm metins with him while he was leveling up.

    Now that's preatty much my situation and I would like some advices regarding equipment making and MONEY MAKING <-- Nr 1. priority

    Thank you in advance for taking time in reading this and helping me :) I appreciate

    P.S : At the moment i have around 250kk to spend

  • Hello. Welcome back.

    Firstly I suggest you to make 75lv in spider dungeon and stay on that lvl. Get rid of that electro and try to find some average poison/grudge. Keep on reading skills and finish bio first.

    You should make warrior max 35lv and farm in map2, desert or dragon valley.

    You can farm glyph stones with your mental warrior in polymorph marble, that's good income for now.

    If you need any other suggestions/advices or help feel free to pm Keno or any helper in game.