PVM Mirage Suras and EE;HTE;SCE guide

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  • Technologic

    u can drop 50% spirit blessing on highlvl

  • Levioh

    Sorry my bad :crazy:

  • deathpool

    50% stones? never saw one

  • Vyenna

    Lv 85 and 90 metin stones always had 6% chance to drop red changer, nothing is changed

  • kamicolo

    forum lotery, fishinf extravaganza?

  • [CoMa]Shadow

    Nothing was nerfed

  • Levioh

    actually drop rates from level 90 metins got reduced to 6% instead of 7

  • PrometheusX

    50% stones were a thing for a long time, you get the blessing from Erebus boss; not sure about red changer drop rate nerfs, doubt it tbh

  • Levioh

    random 50% stones coming out of nowhere , red changer drop rates nerfed , those changes are fine for me , but can we have a list of them?

  • Levioh

    can we have a patch notes for the changes that are in place?

  • Snipas

    Shadow can you check the post about atkspeed and mov speed? cause due to the rarity stats + combo of % green potss + the one es from moonligh everyone can get 200 atk speed +

  • KuzeyReich

    Onyekuru - sonkuzeyli pm me

  • Annonyum

    Dark, it might still take some time for the results to show up.

  • Dark

    hey i cant find the fishing extravaganza post from yesterday ...

  • mfker

    all gone

  • Deathawaits

    they are pvm stats so yes

  • deathpool

    Still today Idk if fire resistance, lightning and so on are useful somewhere

  • Snipas

    May i sugest, some items become stackble? like Blood Pills xD

  • Shop5000

    Finaly those pvp stats were removed thanks :thumbsup:

  • [CoMa]Shadow

    As every change, some will love it, some will hate it ;)

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  • The best way to "rank" these earrings is like this:

    SCE +6/+7>HTE 8avg +7/+9>EE 8avg +9

    But.... there are alot of factor's to consider and ill explain them abit in depth here with pro/cons:

    Ebony Earrings

    + useful earring up to lv 54 when HTE is become available to equip
    + can provide good damage output
    + useful in both pvp and pvm because of innate stat on EE itself ( HP )

    -+ an earring more useful to warrior's than to sura's ( warrs gain benefit's from STR bonus while Sura's do not...ergo skills )
    - losses its usefulness after lv 54 when HTE and SCE become avilable
    - situational earring if you need more HP after lv 54 for example

    Heaven's Tear Earring's

    + second best earrings for PVM Mirage sura's and first option in PVP for more damage especially if one of the stats is strong vs DH

    + provides very good INT gain even on +6 or +7
    + has second best damage output right after the sce +6 or +7
    + provides massive boost to skill effectivness ( damage )
    + innate INT and Crit chance bonus
    + very good damage gain for suras and mage's

    - no HP bonus
    - becomes useless in PVM after you get SCE
    - situational after SCE, useful in PVP or as prebuff

    Soul Crystal Earring's

    + best earrings for PVM Sura's
    + best damage output vs monsters
    + innate bonus vs mobs and agility
    + huge increase of damage for assassins especially ( agility )and better damage increase than hte for suras
    + bonus damage resistance gain ( because of agility )

    - no HP bonus
    - too bad they dont give + INT :P ( would be too op tho :D )

    All in all here's is from my experience the difference of those 3 good earrings which are used more commonly on almoust every char.
    So feel free to post your thoughts or advice if you think i forgot something. I hope i helped some people in regarding for choosing right equipment, though in my point of view its best to have all of 3 of these because you wont get same stats on every earring :).

  • I have a question
    does str really not push the damage at all? because I heard several times that you can use hte for the buffs and after that you change to ee or sce and that you can get the max dmg out of it ?

  • I have a question
    does str really not push the damage at all? because I heard several times that you can use hte for the buffs and after that you change to ee or sce and that you can get the max dmg out of it ?

    It does give minor damage but...hte is way better, if i would use prebuff i would rather use it with sce than ee because if you do hte>ee the damage is so minor you wont see the difference. Use it rather HTE>SCE. :)