Ultimate guide's for BM/Weapon sura's

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  • This guide is straightforward build guide which i hope will help some people in building their various BM or Mirage class.

    This guide is only stat allocation and skill guide!




    DEX build:

    - this build after testing with multiple created sura's proved to be most effective, not to mention has highest survivability rate; more explanation below

    Stat allocations:

    CON = pump max to 20
    INT = max it as soon as possible
    STR = put 5 pts only in this
    DEX = pump up to 80 + to reach 30 DR (Damage Resistance)

    DEX -> this really good stat is best for any combat situation which gives you Damage Reduction which also scales with Fear and improves your Evasion/Dodge rate's, note that DEX WONT give you evasion/dodge it will only improve your "luck" to evade/dodge certain attacks!

    Skills Priorities:

    Enchanted Blade -> Dark Shield -> Fear -> Dark Twister -> Rupture -> Remove Magic

    Master the skills in this order.


    CON build:

    - high hp, high defence but low DR

    Stat allocations:

    2:1 CON : INT

    CON = max it 90
    INT = max it to 90
    STR = max it third
    DEX = max it last


    Enchanted Blade - > Fear -> DK Shield -> Twister -> Rupture -> Remove Magic

    STR build:

    - high dmg output, mid hp/ mid defence low DR

    INT:STR -> 2:1

    CON - > max it third, on beggining at least 20 pts
    INT -> Max it first
    STR -> max it second
    DEX -> max it last


    Enchanted Blade -> Fear -> DK Shield/ DK Twister -> DK Shield/DK Twister -> Rupture - Remove Magic

    With any of these builds you can make early pvp char on lvl 55 choose your best stat strategy youre most comfortable with but i advise that you max skills in this order:

    Enchanted Blade -> Rupture -> Remove Magic -> Fear/DK Shield -> DK Twister -> DK Twister


    Regardless on the skill alocations below for PVP/PVM Hybrids i strongly advise that you max INT then CON (2:1 allocation) !


    Dark Strike / Flame Strike hybrid:

    Skill order:

    Flame Strike -> Bloodrage ( Dark Strike ) -> ROD / Aphotic Shield / Shadow Bolt -> ROD / SHadow Bolt / Aphotic Shield -> Entangle / Aphotic Shield

    Dark Orb / Flame Strike:

    Dark Orb-> Flame Strike -> Aphotic Shield -> ROD -> Dark Strike -> Entangle

    Dark Strike / ROD:

    Dark Strike -> ROD -> Aphotic Shield -> Flame Strike -> Dark Orb -> Entangle

    Pure PVP BM sura's:

    - For this buildup dmg is most important as HP itself, since BM sura's recieve most bonus dmg from INT and DEX regardless of any build below use stats for example:

    CON - > 20 then max it third after you finish maxing INT / DEX, gives also minor dmg boost to some of your skills!
    INT -> 90 max it first! -> highest dmg boost!
    STR -> max it last it only gives minor dmg boost to Flame Strike!
    DEX - 90 max it second! -> gives dmg boost to your skills, especially ranged ones!

    Dark Orb:

    Dark Orb -> ROD -> Aphotic Shield -> Dark Strike -> Entangle -> Flame Strike - high burst damage but long CD - best for people who want early game pvp's!

    Dark Orb II:

    Dark Orb -> Dark Strike -> ROD -> Aphotic Shield - Entangle -> Flame Strike - most powerful build for mid- late game

    Dark Strike:

    Dark Strike -> ROD -> Aphotic Shield -> Dark Orb -> Entangle -> Flame Strike - fast build with Dark Strike skill as base


    Entangle -> Dark Strike / ROD -> Aphotic Shield -> Dark Orb / Dark Strike -> Flame Strike - control / fast pvp build


    ROD -> Dark Strike -> Aphotic Shield / Dark Orb / Entangle -> Entangle / Dark Orb -> Entangle / Dark Orb - Flame Strike - fast and decent damage build

    Flame Strike:

    Flame Strike - Dark Strike -> ROD -> Aphotic Shield -> Dark Orb -> Entangle - control build with flame strike

    Flame Strike 2:

    Flame Strike -> Entangle -> Aphotic Shield -> Dark Strike -> Dark Orb ->ROD - experimental / long ranger build - control