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  • Hello everybody, :D

    I have a question regarding the Berserk skill on Arahan Warriors. ?(

    First off:

    - How does the increased damage taken scale with the skill improvement?
    - Is it the same for M level and then increase for G and so on? Or does it increase from M1 to M10 and G1 to P?

    - What is the range of the increase damage taken from 1point to P?

    - Since the Max attack speed is 200 anyways, is it worth making Berserk P if I already have 200 attack speed?

    - Does STR improve the attack speed of Berserk like it improves the Attack Power of Heroic Strike?

    Thank you in advance for your response! :thumbsup:

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  • I think it won't affect you much if berserk is M, G or P. But you should make it P. It will save you from buying attack speed costume and green potions.

    Str doesn't effect berserk skill.

  • Berserk always have +15 or 20 % more dmg recieve debuff regardless of the level of the skill, that's why warrior's often use average damage resist rarity equipment, before was sought after HP restore stuff they still are but.

    Berserk is best on G5 + so make it P yes.

    STR doesnt improve the Berserk skill.