Rightness of KS bans

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  • Hello everyone,

    Since I got banned 1day for KS I would like to start the discussion about correctnes of banning people for KS at metins and bosses which in my opinion can be easily manipulated. In 1 word; this particular rule is totally broken.

    Lets start from the beggining.
    Im a begginer player on the SG server, but not new in metin2 overall. I know the game from 1 to 99 lvl as I used to play a lot many years back.

    My case is about the well known m2 and 25-35 metins.
    As Im an adult player being almost 25yr old I know the rules of fair play very well and im far far away from being a malicious player. So, according to that, Im not even trying to KS metins to players which I see first time or players which I know they dont KS to me. The situation is different when I see a player who KS to me many times.. I do the same to him.
    I dont really remember if I KS to somebody and I will write a ticket to show me the evidence, but the only thing I know for sure is that screenshots which are evidences can be manipulated.
    I was playing on the server where KS metins wasn't forbidden and Im not used to do a screenshot everytime when I start beating a metin alone - but I see its the only method to not get manipulated into ban - this first thing which looks totally broken for me. Lets take a look at the situation : i started beating metin alone and didnt make a screenshot, then somebody come and KS my metin,then he does a screenshot and send it to support. I got ban for KS.
    This situation is irrational , do you agree? This kind of situation could happen to me right now.
    The other thing is, that once I sent a ticket with screenshot when player from my kingdom killed me 2 times at 2 different metins and KS.
    I got reply from support saing that this is legal. WHAT?
    This 2 situations are totally the same and the second situation with killing is even worse from just doing a KS because player is not letting you to get up to even take your staff... For me,this is bullshit and this system of judging from screenshot evidences is simply broken.

    Ok, you will say that this is only 1day and shut up,wait and then play again... But it starts from 1day and can end up at the permanent ban without even KS to anybody but being a victim of manipulated screenshots.

    I would like to see the answer of game admin or anybody who has any influence on the regulations, how they see this problem and why KS is forbidden but KS+killing (the same kingdom) is totally OK.


  • It is not possible to get banned for ks since you started attacking the metin,doesnt matter if you have sreenshot or not because he cant send a screenshot that he attacks alone the metin

  • Hello Brawurek,

    I will try to clear all your doubts so that this thread does not turn into a debate, but first is better if you read this thread here

    Kill Steal

    It is better to know the rules first.

    This should already inform you that if they go on free mode is perfectly legal as this rule is not meant to save your metins, is meant to be fair. For instance if someone of your nation attack your metin, what can you do except going on free mode and becoming negative? Nothing, you just have to watch him getting part of your drops and get mad about it. However if they attack you, then they are just another enemy to slay and you don't lose any karma.

    As for the manipulation of the screens, they can of course attempt to fool us, but it never works


    If the evidences are not clear, we do not ban a player. This usually leads to several complains on the tickets, which is why we no longer announce to the reporter the result of his ticket. We will keep the decision for us, if the ticket was clear we take actions, otherwise no.

    I want to link you one last thread


    Despite the forum is not the place to report players, the evidences he displayed are accurate and shows without any doubts the illegal behaviour. There is no way you can manipulate this evidence, the channel is the same, the coordinate is the same, the metin is the same, the remaining HP match too.

    A ticket with 1 screen is never taken seriously. A ticket with many screens but without a screen when the player is alone on the metin and he is starting it, will never taken into consideration. A ticket when the alleged Kill Stealer is not seen attacking the metin, is not taken seriously too. And last, a ticket when the kill stealer is really close to the player who is starting the metin, will not be judged clear, due to possible latency.

    Once again unless we are 100% sure there is an illegal behaviour, we will not ban the player.
    For this reason we never share evidences, because is equal to expose the name of the player who did the report, for no reason.

    Taking a screenshot everytime you find a metin takes exactly 1 button of time :) the screen is saved on the metin2 folder so is not really a nuisance, if someone comes, takes another. And you have two perfect screens for a perfect report. Of course what you claim may happen if you don't take a screen is impossible. A guy may come to your metin and claim he was first, but where is the first screen required by our rules? He can't have it.

    So the only thing that may happen to you if you forget to take screen, is that 1 kill stealer will get away, certanly you don't risk a ban.

    I hope this clear all your doubts.


  • Ok. It seems like your post explains ALMOST everything.
    You know the situation in m2.
    Its not that easy to kill another player with just 2 skills on M , without any pvp equipment, so it looks like KS'ing metins with free mode (not exacly killing the other player because its almost impossible while on the horse) is kind of a gateway in the rules, am I right?

  • You don't need to kill it, as long as you attack him on free mode. But let me tell you that usually who goes on free mode, does it because they have a chance to win, hence they have some pvp equipment. Which is the reason why we allow it, if someone spent his money or golds and got pvp items, why shouldn't he use it?

    There is no gateway in the rules, the second link i posted you shows you what happens when the player thinks to be smarter than the admin. The only flaw in the rule is that the user sometimes doesn't collect clear evidences, but that's nothing we can do about it, we give you a rule, is up to you to give us the proper evidences.

    Anyway i double checked your case, and you were suspended correctly. You attacked a Desert Metin after it was almost killed by another player, you were not on free mode, you did not hit first, you even teleported your buffer there.

  • Ok, I see the point. Since you have the tools to exactly check what happened at the specific time in game it seems logic and useful to correctly use the prt sc button and ticket system.

    Hmm... im not the only 1 person who use this account, I play with my friend and it seems like he totally forgot about this situation and with no doubt that player has a 100% right to send the ticket.

    Seems like the topic is fully exhausted.
    Thank you.

  • Quote

    Hmm... im not the only 1 person who use this account, I play with my friend and it seems like he totally forgot about this situation and with no doubt that player has a 100% right to send the ticket.

    And infact we always say to not share the account, because you are responsable for anything that happens on it. Plus, in most cases, the majority of the times players tend to blame us for doing our duty rather than blaming their friends or themselves, for sharing :)

    Since the topic is fully exhausted i close the thread.