Equipment for a new player

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  • Hi guys!

    I'm a new player and I want to buy a better equipment for my character, but I don't know how I should proceed:

    - I can farm, save the money and buy +9 items with good bonuses (I'm not talking about top server stuff, of course... something affordable);
    - I can farm, spend the money for +9 clean items and add bonuses to them with time.

    Which one is the most efficient way to progress? Do you have other suggestions?

    At the moment my character is lv.42. I'd like to level up 'till 55 and then keep farming.

    To make money, I'm using a lv.25 warrior. I'm farming spider eyes/webs in desert.

    Thanks! :D

  • It always depends on your luck. I would suggest you to buy finished weapon and armour (stats and stones), and make other items yourself. Save gold for Ebony earrings with 8 avg. That's pretty much all :D

    And of course focus on your skills before going higher.