Chinese New Year as a Content Creator

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  • Hey everyone.

    I just returned tonight to (My WoW Addiction stoped me from playing, lol)
    And im used to upload videos about the server, i played on my "Main" as a private char and only played my other char. while recording.
    The problem is that Im prob. not allowed to farm with both of the due to the rule that you may only farm with your "main"
    I actually dont know which one of those characters is my main char.
    I clearly spent more time on one of them (Over 30k minutes lol)
    But i would prefer playing with the "Youtube-Char" - Im "seperating" the inventorys of them.

    Does anybody have a advice for me?
    I would appreciate it.

    have a good one.

    btw: I actually like the idea of just being able to farm on your main. :]

  • It is just my personal opinion but why wouldn't you farm with your main since the event itself isn't really something to record considering the drops.

    You can still transfer the "packets" to your other character if you want to record opening them.

    P.S. Almost forgot, welcome back. :P