Demon Tower Guide

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    Generally people who are rejected either have an old char or requested access with multiple accounrs (for example buffer + farmer)

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  • Demon Tower (DT) is an old map of Metin2. In SG server DT has been revamped and it has 12 floors instead of nine. With this update many interesting things came.
    Demon Tower is accessible to players from lv 40 and above. Beginners are looking for this map because they need items and the blacksmith in DT upgrades without asking additional upgrade stuff. The chance of upgrade remains the same with the one from the regular blacksmith in map1/2.

    Demon Tower floors 1-12 overview:

    • Ground floor: weak monsters, not aggressive; it is used to collect many upgrade items, to complete the quest for military horse. Players who attend to the run wait in here for those who will make the run. To begin a run lv 50 metin stone from ground floor must be destroyed.
    • Floor 2: aggresive monsters, many of them weak monsters similar to those from ground floor. Vile monsters are much stronger. To complete this floor all monsters must be killed. Starting from this floor all monsters are aggressive.
    • Floor 3: Many more vile monsters and the Demon King boss can be found on this floor. Once all monsters are dead players can reach floor 4. Demon King drops skill books.
    • Floor 4: metin stones' floor; players have 15 minutes available to kill the lv 55 metin stone and the correct lv 60 metin stone that will allow access to next floor.
    • Floor 5: seals' floor, there are 5 seal stones to be opened with the seals dropped from monsters in this floor; there is a time limit of 20 minutes to complete this floor and once the last seal stone has been unlocked players are moved to the next floor
    • Floor 6: Blacksmith's floor, here players must kill the monsters and then the Proud Demon King. Once the boss is killed a blacksmith will be spawned and players can upgrade their items. Here is where the journey of beginner players ends. Thanks to server Team, in this floor players who have in their inventory the item called Spawn Demon King can use it to change the blacksmith and upgrade is available again. Next floor can be accessed with a click on the blacksmith made by any player lv 75 or higher.
    • Floor 7: metins again, this time lv 65 metins. Once they are destroyed a lv 70 metin will spawn and many aggressive stronger monsters. From lv 70 metin a box will drop which contains the map to the next floor.
    • Floor 8: more monsters to kill, players should focus on Immortal Ghosts, as they drop the key to the next floor. The key will be dragged on the stone that can be found in this floor.
    • Floor 9: Death Reaper floor. In here the Reaper must be killed to gain access to next floor. The reaper will drop his box and a Relic which can be used in Devil's Catacomb Run.
    • Floor 10: From this floor only experienced players with very good items can go on. Monsters are much stronger so not everyone will survive in here if it gets under attack. To proceed to the next floor the Elite Vile Demon King must be killed. Players will need to have active buff Enchant Damage.
    • Floor 11: metins lv 100 and stones to be unlocked with the keys dropped from metins. When players smash the metins the spawned monsters will transform instead of dying so after a while the floor will be full with aggressive ranged monsters. When all stones are unlocked the players will gain access to the last floor.
    • Floor 12: here the Blue Death boss can be found. Players who wish to kill it must use polymorph marbles because the boss is immune to normal hits or skill damage. Also they have to make sure they can take the damage the boss inflicts with its skills. The boss drops a box inside of which can be found the Blacksmith Diamond (it prevents the downgrade of the item if the upgrade is unsuccessful). When the Blue Death is killed a special blacksmith will appear. It can upgrade only items with rarity bonus similar to a blessing scroll and it will not ask additional items for this. If the upgrade is unsuccessful though, the item will be downgraded. To upgrade a player must be lv 80 or higher. Only items up to lv 60 can be upgraded at this blacksmith. To exit Demon Tower the players must click on this blacksmith.

    Monsters inside Demon Tower are Undead. For additional damage starting from floor 2 players can also use Baby Azrael pet.

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  • Hello!

    Nice guide and very helpful. I am not strong enough for the dunegon yet but very interesting.

    I found a video of someone who shows the run from after the Death reaper. If I am allowed I can post it for you.


  • Hey,

    if you give me some information I can help you via PM.
    I need to know:
    Character class
    How many people will participate in the run and help you
    All Equiptment
    Horse level
    Biologist quest
    And what wrong when you tried out to do so.


  • hello guys, and great threat to help for dt runs,

    about the dt floor 10-11-12

    1st. of all you will need 900 - 1000 deff to be able to tank some in there ,
    2nd. 60+ undead in your gear ( helm,brace,shield,earrings,weapon) the most undead you have the easiest the run is.
    3rd. you need max hp abs witch it is 20% armour, and brace ,
    4th. 11th floor is the hardest on the dt , me my self use armour , shield ,shoes with 8avg dmg ress 6th bonus,
    and is helping to make the run much more easy, ( less dmg from mobs)
    5th. for 11th floor is best to have and chance to block physical attacks , witch you have get from, shield 15%, helm lvl 60 ( 10% at +9) , phoenix boots 55 lvl . (10% at +9) , in armour you can add stone of evasion +5 is 10% block, +6 is 15% block, , ( me my self use 32% block for the run ) ,

    i hope i help some how : D
    and if need more info on something just write here i will replay the soon i can for more info :D or pm me in game HappyHippo, I can iven show you exactly the items you need to make a dt till 12 floor :D

    thank you and enjoy :D

    Once yellow = Always Yellow


  • My recommendation to kill Blue Death:

    - First of all Poly skill P

    - DMG : vs Undead , vs mob , good avg ( a Ninja with crow steel 40% in Poly does tons of damage) , crit, pierce

    - Ress : Skill Ress , Dark Ress , ca. 22k HP , ca. 1500 Def

    - Buff with skills P

    - in addition some things that help: attack and defense earrings, Alchemy Potions: Elixir of defense, White liquid, and you should pot with Greater healing potions (set 4 stacks in your fast access and as soon as he hits hammer on your keys and you should be full in a sec)

    if you lack of damage you can use blue,red and pink liquids too

    - Dragon Alchemy can also help: Onyx with Dark ress is very helpfull, aswell as a good ruby for damage or jade for defense

    Blue Death is a Boss you definitly should try to kill with at least 2 people, alone is abnormal hard

    But thats just based on my experience of other servers, never killed blue death on this server

    Hope i could help, hf

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  • dude thats way too much

    i Kill blue death with 197 atk speed + G5 Poly + white liquid+ dragon god attack defense and life pills + tiger earing + dragon bracelet (skill res) + 5% skill res on boots + P buffs + 43% avg poison ss+6 and extra 70% undead + 5% ruby dss, its more than enough.

    Im a warrior body with 800 defense

    to get there i need to use green liquids on the 11th floor

    TIP: Use demon spearman poly ;)

  • you really don't need to be this stacked up to do it. The hp amount is needed(22k or more, yes), make sure you have a diamond stone with skill res and a 2x dmg ruby. Def is really not needed for the boss himself, just use a dragon bracelet(skill resistance) and maybe have some skill res on either the boots or shield, it should suffice. Not sure how much dark res helps, but other than the dark res from the onyx, I have 0. Make sure you have 90-100% crit and atleast 50-60 undead. If you're a warrior then a grudge sword will do significantly more dmg than a poison sword. I never needed Greater Healing Pots for BD.

    For clearing the floors to BD, you will need over 1100 def, atleast 20-30block, I recommend around 80% undead, 45-50 magic res and as much HP aborb and restore you can get. White and Green Liquids are helpful but not mandatory(they hilp till you get your gear sorted out). Make sure you have a good buffer.

  • RED MARKERS: white luquid has no affect on the dmg you recive from the Blue Death. Tiger earrings have no affect on you dmg output when you are in poly.

    BLUE MARKER: Poly G1 does 15% extra dmg.....Poly P does 30% extra should read it up to P asap.

    GREEN MARKER: Do you really want to spent a dragon god attack every time you kill blue death? 30 min push item for 4 mins of fighting + makes the whole run less worth.

    YELLOW MAERKER: the attackspeed that is optimal depends on the class you are playing and also wich poly you are using. For example a ninja with savage minions has an optimal att speed of 182+-2 not. The reason for this is, that a higher attackspeed leads to hit animations of some polys not dealing dmg. A ninja with baby spider on the other hand can go 182+ att speed without losing dmg

    Regarding you question about Grude or Poison: Grudge gives you extra 10% att speed when you go into poly so you can save money this way. and neither prometheus nor I can tell you wich will be better, but you can go up to Blue death and test it out for everyone. those are weapons wich ever player can obtain for for a resonable price so I think it will be intersting to know the results.

  • regarding the question about grudge vs poison, i made a grudge with 45% avg and the test was

    poison 43% + 6%undead SS+6 = 10-11.5k dmg

    grudge 45% SS+6 = 13.2-14.9k dmg

    the rest of the gear was the exact same