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  • [CoMa]Shadow

    Yes some players reported this already, but sadly we can't reproduce it with our accounts or player's account too. So is going to take some time to fix this

  • buryzencio

    Shadow i found a glitch. While we have opened shop box window and we mount our horse and go few meters forward we getting kick from server.

  • [CoMa]Shadow

    Make a good report with screens, if it is a bug we will fix it as we always do

  • jureczek

    bug or something?

  • jureczek

    no monsters at final boss on nemere

  • KillerBambi


  • Renzeo

    are their specific times for server reboots/restarts?

  • AstonJunior

    Melysa is here somewhere?

  • [CoMa]Shadow

    Yes jureczek, remember that you can always pm me in case you need help, as the shoutbox doesn't offer the same level of privacy

  • Lacex54


  • jureczek

    shadow are you here?

  • Lacex54

    Can i pls get an Avatar unbann wanna upload my muscles dir the haterzz!!!

  • Lacex54

    The God is here BRAH! :borg:

  • [CoMa]Shadow

    if crit, is 40x. So is normal that he deals high amount of damage

  • [CoMa]Shadow

    It is not a bug BuffMausal, it is how the boss work, he has two skills, one of them is called DeathBlow, which inflicts 20x normal damage

  • BuffMausal

    pls fix that, that's so annoying ;(

  • BuffMausal

    NICE Shadow, now i get again crits from Razador :dash:

  • beckmen

    anyways just wanted to report it, not a big drama

  • beckmen

    but i dont remember die on my spots farming, and after update / reboot i suddenly die nearly every tank

  • [CoMa]Shadow

    The monsters are the same as prior the bug.

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  • i dont know, first it show event's from beginning, than from upcoming , atlleast it should be in the right position
    for example

    event moonlight 1 februars
    ox event 2 february

    but atm its like this

    event 4th january
    event 16 january
    event 2 january

    just for example... see what i mean?

  • Eh? ?( ?( ?( ?(

    The Calendar shows January. 27 28 29 are the past month, December 2015 while 1 2 3 is February 2016. On 1 Feb is not Moonlight, is Tanaka.

    You can see also the first day of february so that you won't ask on the last days on Jan when the new calendar is going to be released. It also shows when the event started in case is a multi day event.


    Today is 17, so i leave my little mouse arrow on the first event (because i am too lazy to click on it) i see on the number 17 which is Mistery Box, this description:

    Now at a first look i can already understand that this event last 48 hours and the 17 is the last day. I know it started at 6:00 PM GMT on the 15th, so for example if I am from Germany i check GMT +0 hour on google and i find that is 1 hour less than my hour. Now of course you don't need to check this all the times unless you suffer from memory leaks, every calendar event are at XX hour + 1 for you, for at least other 70 days.

    Now if you check the other event scheduled on the same day you know its a Siege War, you know it starts at 4 pm (again 4+1 so 5 pm for the German player) and you know where it is, what it is and how to do it.

    With the past calendar you just had a name, yes we made a thread explaining all the events, but lets be honest, the lazy you would never read all of it, infact we always got told "when is X when is Y" :D