Devil's Catacomb Run Guide

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  • Devil's Catacomb is a dungeon for players starting from lv 75. A party is needed in order to start a run and the available time for the run is 60 minutes.
    Monsters are Devil and their strength and HP are pretty low.

    In order to achieve the desired results, a group with strong attackers is required. This saves time for the group when advancing from a floor of the Catacombs to another.

    Quick description of the Catacomb's floors:

    • Floor I is the access floor for the group members. Here there is no time limit, the clock starts from next floor. The group leader must drag the Soul crystal key on the Statue at the end of the floor. The group is moved to Floor II and the run starts.
    • Floor II Here is where the run starts, the available time is 60 minutes. The group must make their way from the start to the NPC which brings the team to Floor III; blocking the way - 11 gates and aggressive monsters. Gates must be destroyed in order to clear the way; they don't have any weakness. Also, in order to access the next floor each group member must have a Relic (drop from Reaper in DT floor 9)(see attached map for the correct way in Floor II)
    • Floor III Metin floor - in order to access next floor the group must destroy the correct metin stone. Once the task is completed the group is teleported to next floor.
    • Floor IV Maze Floor - the correct way is straight ahead in the portal in front of you, don't turn right or left; only one player must complete the floor from teleport point to the stone at the end of the floor. Once the stone is clicked, the group is able to go to next floor
    • Floor V Tartaros floor - players must find and kill Tartaros, pick the key he drops and unlock the statue from the middle of the map.
    • Floor VI Charon floor - in order to complete this floor all monsters must be eliminated. When all monsters and the boss are dead the group is teleported to the last floor.
    • Floor VII Lord Gahnasel Floor - here is where the reward of the run lies, the boss must be killed. Fast attack rate poly marbles are useful, the attackers must have enough HP to resist to boss' skills. Mages and assassins deal more damage, it is useful to use them to kill the boss faster.

    Lv 70 weapons drop from monsters in this run, useful for Plagued Dungeon. Some may have rarity bonus.
    Devil's Catacomb is the only way to obtain the soul crystal accessories which are so useful in PvM on our server. This dungeon links Demon Tower to Hell Run.

  • Nice guide, i wish we all were more cooperative and help each others doing groups and go inside the runs. I am quite alone to do this by myself. Really sad thing Lee choung gives you the mission to do and an item that expires in 6 days.

  • vs last boss(Azrael) if u will use poly, need:
    Armor any lvl 5skill 2k hp 50a.v
    Shield any lvl 5skill 20devil 12str
    Boots any lvl 5skill 10crit 2k hp if possible 5-8faint too
    And the rest of eq with devil/hp/crit/pierce

    Good luck

  • On the contrary, as Vyenna already mentioned, this run is perfect for a mage and assassin.
    Even before the rarity, it could be done in a party of a mage and assassin.
    Assassin doesn't need any extra/different stuff than warrior or sura if you are using poly.

    Use the recommended stuff, boosters, pets, costume and you can solo it with a decent geared mage.

    For a start I would recommend you to try it out in a bigger group just to test your dmg and see how it goes without having to worry if the run fails.

  • oh c'mon, are you sure you need that much for devil's catacomb? Lol

    70-80% devils, weapon 40+% avg, 22-24k hp (if possible all bio done) pendant with 200 ap and skill res pendant (90+ crit) is all you need.

    Good luck.