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  • IronMikeTyson

    Only God knows

  • Cecilia Heinz

    votepage for s2?

  • IronMikeTyson

    witch one

  • Cecilia Heinz

    at witch time is the website online?

  • Seelenruf

    yeah thats true. i just thought you need to translate since the preview website seems good to me :P take your time

  • [GM]Elspeth

    Creating the Website, the poll, the translations etc. There is a lot more than just a little poll which you dont see.

  • Seelenruf

    but why is it taking so long to do a poll? i mean for translation u dont need 2+ weeks

  • [CoMa]Shadow

    A new server won't be confirmed before the results of this poll so no, is not opening in 10 days.

  • [CoMa]Shadow

    There are some comprehend issues. We said we will hold a poll to analyze the demands and see if there is a market for a new server.

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  • S3ke

    10 more days ? where did you see that ? :)

  • IronMikeTyson

    just 10 days more let's rock

  • UnkoJP

    Where did they say that boi

  • IronMikeTyson

    10 days more till the new server !!! let's rock

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  • CapTaiiN

    do not judge to fast. i farm with 5 chars to

  • deathpool

    wow, well sorry my bad, gms ignore my complain

  • spir00new

    i am not bot bro Comprehensive guide to pull rate of all fishes available in Metin 2

  • deathpool

    gms ban this man, he is clearly a bot (yesterday in the fishman ranking he has the top5 with his chars) https://i.imgur.com/Bi8tw7h.jpg

  • xFragamento

    #s1 hype

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  • First of all this is directed to the TEC Team. I have no idea how much of that would be even possible on the old Metin2 engine. Maybe someday you will want to use this design or use a piece of it so I decided to post it. Also it's not a suggestion, but I didn't know where to post it but also who knows - maybe someday we'll see it on metin2sg or some parts of it.

    Objective criticism is more than welcome. If you're going to post hate posts or nothing that contributes to the subject nor points out flaws in my design - save yourself the time and don't do it. I spend a long time to design this raid and I have no desire to read your pointless hate posts.


    The raid can be done ONLY with full party hence 8 people, also they must be in the same guild.
    All players must be max level, currently 105.
    Party must include: 2 sins - 2 mages - 2 warriors - 2 suras

    Strong against monster is the only viable bonus in the raid. No vs undead, animal, eso works here.


    The objective is to open the YELLOW GATE (2)

    1. The main platform (1). TWO people must stand inside at all cost. Waves of monsters will try to kill them. Two players must stay in the circle for FIVE MINUTES COMBINED [look point 3]. Getting out of the circle resets the time and the team must start again.

    2. Red dots. Red dots are metins. But not usual metins. Each metin is designed for ONE person. ONE at each red dot. Metins have limitless waves of monsters and metins can't die. Only mobs can die.

    3. FOUR SUPPORT players must keep attacking metins at all times. Metins are immortal and spawn wave of monsters each 25 hits. Monsters can be killed, metins can't. Meanwhile 2 players must defend themself inside the YELLOW cricle for FIVE MINUTES COMBINED. Getting out of the circle respawns metins and the team must start again.

    4. After FIVE MINUTES COMBINED the gate is open. The team can progress further.


    1. The maze is very narrow. It's impossible to look around the corner. Players can't cheat and look for the way with camera exploit.

    2. The maze isn't a normal maze like for example Orc Maze. All players are blind except 1 (the same effect that happens when you bring too many accounts to DT, you see only mobs and your character, everything else is black). One player gets a 3 seconds buff called "VISION OF DARKNESS" and is able to see mini map around him with YELLOW route highlighted. After the buff is over the "VISION OF DARKNESS" moves to a different RANDOM player. Co-operation is the key.

    3. All 8 players MUST get to the end [2] otherwise the next gate won't open. Each raid the real route is generated again, so people can't do it by heart next time.


    1. This is a boss encounter.

    HINT: Only a mage or sin can do damage to the boss.
    2. Plates number 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 are plates where warriors and suras should be standing. Plates have a CHARGE mechanic. This mechanic is all about tanking damage. The HP when inside the 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 circles is increased by 1000% but all healing items are DISABLED. There is a steady spawn of mobs inside of each circle; players must defend themself at all cost. If ONE player dies the whole team WIPES and must start the encounter again. The only exception is the circle 5. Players inside circle 5 can die as many times as they wany as long as 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 don't die.

    3. Spawn rate of mobs is increased by each level of boss' health.


    100% HP = spawn x1
    75% HP = spawn x2
    50% HP = spawn x3
    25% HP = spawn x4
    10% HP = enrage mode. Players in circle 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 die instantly. All mobs from plates 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 attack players on plate 5. They don't have much time to finish off the boss.

    4. When boss is killed the team might progress further.


    1. This is the boss encounter.

    Note 1: Damage to the boss can be done only by a combination of a BOW with ENCHANTED DAMAGE buff from a mage.

    Note 2: Damage to metins can be done only by warriors and suras.

    2. The center is the arena with the boss. On left and right side of this arena are 4 metins. (4 for each side giving us 8 metins).

    Each side has only one real metin. The same mechanic is used on 4th floor of DT so you're all familiar with it. Players must destory metins as fast as possible. Fake metins do nothing [YELLOW DOTS] real metins [ORANGE DOTS] remove the SHIELD from the boss. When boss is shielded he can't take ANY damage. When ONE real metin is destroyed shield is removed for 5 seconds. When TWO real metins are destroyed at the same time shield is removed for 10 seconds.

    3. Boss can't regenerate his HP but all players suffer from 75% less effective potions. It's possible to remove this debuff for 60 seconds if all at least 4 fake metins are killed and at least ONE real metin is still standing.

    4. Boss has enrage mode.

    100% HP = the boss does normal damage
    50% HP = the boss does double the damage
    10% HP = the boss can be damaged ONLY if he is poisoned, and the team has 120 seconds to finish the boss.

    If the team fails the whole team is killed and must start again.


    1. Players enter the next area, all players must stand in the same circle to trigger monster spawn.

    2. The main mechanic is THE TAINT. It's a poison that lasts for 60 seconds and takes 20% of player's health each "tick". When THE TAINT is on 50 seconds, a message on screen appears. "THE TAINT CAN BE PASSED NOW" it means the poison can be passed to a different player; the player that passed the poison to someone else has a DEBUFF "IMMUNE TO POISON" and poison CAN'T be passed again to that player for 120 SECONDS. This means all 8 players must carry THE TAINT at least once per platform.

    3. Platforms:

    YELLOW - easy monsters

    ORANGE - medium monsters

    RED - hard monsters

    GREEN - safe spot, players can use buffs and boosters here and relax before next encounter.

    4. Green portals are "checkpoints" that give a debuff called "THE BLOOD OF UNBORN"

    First green platform = all healing items are 30% less effective
    Second yellow platform = all healing items are 60% less effective
    Third green platform = mini boss.

    4.1. Mini boss encounter. The boss is weak but can drain player's HP. The debuff "A THIEF OF LIVES" is applied to a player and 50% of his HP is drained by the boss. The boss can drain HP each 20 seconds. Kill him as fast as possible to prevent that.


    1. This is the last boss encounter. By far the hardest one since it's last boss.

    2. All players spawn on PLATFORM. The boss spawns on his platform in front of the PLATFORM with players. Damage to the boss can be done only by a sin or mage.

    3. Healing items are disabled.

    4. Warriors and suras have 25% less defense and do 50% less damage.

    5. Left and Right orange spots are spots for warriors and suras. Inside of orange areas are metins that have a lot of HP, but weak monster spawns. Metin killers must kill metins WITHIN 5 seconds of each other, it means they should be killed at the same time. When that happens boss gets his shield removed for 30 seconds.
    The team should designate one mage or one sin to do the damage, here is why:
    THE RELIC - the relic makes a player who is wearing it immortal to boss' attacks. If you approach the boss without the relic you die very fast. Relic lasts for 45 seconds to allow the damage dealer do full damage and use the window of time to escape before relic is over.

    6. If THE RELIC holder dies, the boss summons an OVERSOUL and spawns a metin on the YELLOW PLATFORM. If metin isn't killed within next 30 seconds all players die and must start again.

    7. When the damage sequence is over the whole thing repeats.

    8. Boss has enrage mechanic:

    Boss can't regenerate his HP

    100% HP = boss does has normal resistance
    75% HP = boss has 2x resistance
    50% HP = boss has 4x resistance = THE RELIC holder shares the AURA OF RELIC to 1 player
    25% HP = boss has 8x resistance = THE RELIC holder shares the AURA OF RELIC to 2 more players
    10% HP = boss summons an infinite OVERSOUL and blinds everyone except THE RELIC holder and his resistance is back to x2.
    At last stage (10%HP) THE RELIC holder shares the AURA OF RELIC to 3 more players.

    Players must coordinate and kill metins at the same time doing damage to the boss, if they fail to do so the whole team dies and must start again.

    When the last boss is killed the raid is over.

  • I think is a good idea, but it's too long xD and i am sure that there isn't much people who would make this war :/ I see that it's a lot of job for TEC at the same time, well , I won't say +1, but -1 neither.

    Great idea, but i think that is not for this game :/ maybe in a future, who knows.

  • Thank you for feedback. I realise it's very hard and also it's very hard to make (maybe even some parts are impossible on this engine).

    I just wanted to share my "dream dungeon" with people and Tec Team. :)

  • I have accomplish to read all now.

    -it seems funny. it is different and complicated than everything in game, but, hard to find 7 other people. And it will last very long time so there will be many disconnects. There is so good team work needed and if one person gets dc team is about to fail especially in last parts.

    -also one question: what is that mean 'healing items'? Like red potions and red dragon blessing?

    Anyway Respect for the effort.

  • 1. Yes, ALL healing items except Heal skill from mage.

    2. True. I didn't take into consideration DCs but also I believe the majority of my design wouldn't be possible to create on this old engine.