Upgrading stones | Max Average damage

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  • Hey I don't know if there's the exact information for that, but even if it isn't, based on your experience is it easier to add spirit stones+5 +6 than +3 +4? I heard that spirit stones+6 were easier to attach. Adding to that what was the success rate of upgrading stones from +5 to +6?

    Sorry to mix subjects but as a big big curiosity and since in this server we can get feedback from the game team I'd like to know what is the max average damage? A community manager in GF told some years ago that it was 80% but in the wiki it is said to be 60%, but I don't trust the wiki since it also says that the minimum is -30% and ofc it isn't, even now there's a fms selling with -48%.

    Thanks in advance !

  • The upgrade rate will be exposed on the next refine update. 35% is the chance to attach a stone into armour or weapon, but is also the chance from +4 to +5 even if it is just a coincidence.

    I made a typo, the minimal average is -60 not -30, i got confused while typing the skill damage.

    If a weapon has -48 damage it means the skill damage is around 25%