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  • Hiumi

    Will we have any event for anniversary?

  • Legano

    If you need a challenge try s1. Not full of players but lots of fun

  • vertical

    guys how can i play server 2?

  • Thoreau

    Is anyone playing S1 or it's pretty over of S1?

  • JohnWickTR

    How long does maintenance take?

  • wlochatybobr

    hi got problem with patcher, just downloaded it from home page, and it freeze at 0.3% and exits. Any ideas what can be wrong? I've already exit antyvirus

  • Hiumi

    Celebiee did u evolve it? Do u have armed/military horsr?

  • Celebiee

    hey, when can i attack from my mount ?

  • Hiumi

    Desired sit and wait xD

  • SiiiXxHD

    Buy Stone of Evasion +6 pm me ingame or here...Ingame: SiiiXx

  • SiiiXxHD

    SONYKK's Shopbox? Is the person online? PM

  • Degmond

    You will have to suggest them

  • Desired

    Waiting for the same update like in server 2.

  • cpt00

    Iron plate +9 price ?

  • perses

    why patcher of new game he dnt dowloading

  • perses

    hello any ga gm

  • [CoMa]Shadow

    it works https://www.metin2sg.com/

  • emsej2

    homepage dont work?

  • [CoMa]Shadow

    It is always the 10% of the tec points you purchase, purchase not spend.

  • Ken

    hello guys, can somebody tells me how i get MP points?

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  • Why updates take so long here, every other server would have the update in max. 1 week finished xD

    But at least you are working on updates +1 :D

    Kingdom: Elgoria
    lSilvesterKINGl (Lv115 / WeaponSura)
    lSilvesterQUEENl (Lv 115 / Archer)
    BuffMausal (Lv 101 / DragonMage)

    And ALL Characters in the Guild......GoAwayMyRoom.....(Kingdom: Elgoria) :shit:

    REMOVE IP-BLOCK :banned:

  • Dear  BuffMausal ,

    You will notice that the other "servers" are as fast as "creating" updates as closing up the server.

    You should understand that on a server of almost 9 years, every update, even the most simple one, has to developed hard. On the contrary of the pservers that last 2-3 months, we can't afford to mess up the gameplay, or do 4 rollbacks to implement a simple system like some others did.

    Kind regards.

  • not having rollbacks or a closing server yes thats great, but you got to understand us players aswell, we read in forums about an update which will come but then after months and months there are no new informations about it.

    cant you give us more information about the stage of developement you´re on, some sneak peak information, some pictures or whatever just to keep the people up2date so they simply have the feeling they´re included in the process and not left out completely? so the players still stay curious and cant wait for it.

  • I'm sure Porki's comment wasn't ill intended towards the staff. Getting some little info about the state of a new update isn't really asking too much, but I guess you know better at this point.

    Also Null , I'm sure people are not referring to P-servers when they are mentioning the sash, but the other official servers that already have had this updates for a while now. The fact that you're still working on it means that the sash system on SG will be different than on the GF servers. Could you confirm this? ^^

    Have a nice day!

  • Well, those other official servers also have a lot more people working on those updates than SG so it makes sense for them to finish the updates faster. Maybe also the quality of the employees is higher, they have bigger revenues, they can pay more so it makes sense that people with more experience will go there.

    Anyway, it's better to be sure than when you implement it it works perfectly instead of implementing it and then having to solve bug after bug.

  • I havent got a 105 level char but 105 level new pvm weapons will be good for high levels.

    exactly, In my opinion that would be great idea to introduce weapons like gameforge did, including 105 lvl weapons with avg/skill dmg and new weapons for pvp called Kyanite set. I think that pvp on high lvls are so boring now as people hit max 1,5k by skills...